August Update... Taylor-GM-Sargents

Since our new friends Amber & Sean moved to Cederidge, we've been trying to keep up with them.
Here's some pics from the Grand Mesa and Taylor over the last few weeks.
Huge thanks to Motofrugals, Klim, Motorfist, Rekluse, Allterrain Motorsports and Grand Mesa Motorsports for keeping us smiling every weekend. Now here's some Pics!  photo moto828sunset 1 of 1_zpsfetqfaid.jpg  photo moto828logfest13 1 of 1_zps2q7reks5.jpg  photo moto828 1 of 1_zpsmgemh7cp.jpg  photo moto828logfest12 1 of 1_zpsvus5pjcu.jpg  photo moto828logfest14 1 of 1_zpsgoakr0hs.jpg  photo moto828logfest 1 of 1_zps1itbqflr.jpg  photo moto828logfest1 1 of 1_zps0vauliel.jpg  photo moto828logfest11 1 of 1_zpsxmxbam0l.jpg


 photo sargentsmtntop 1 of 1_zpsv7vzzan6.jpg
 photo sargentsmtnflower 1 of 1_zps8ubyqjot.jpg
 photo sargentsmtnbrett 1 of 1_zpsed2j154e.jpg
 photo sargentsJoe 1 of 1_zpspob6oull.jpg
 photo sargents 1 of 1_zps4tothzi3.jpg

Winterfestival Spring Fling 2016 @ Rabbit ears

Well, we are slowly saying goodbye to ol' man winter...
But not before, we had a party!!
Fortunatley, Brandon Cox "Tudizzle" has found the "cure" for da springtime blues.... SPRING FLING !!!  photo SF509sled 1 of 1_zpsv4iux8td.jpg  photo SF509sledBrandon 1 of 1_zpsucsi3mfe.jpg This open event gives venue to sledders & boarders before they hang up their booters..  photo Jumps 1 of 1_zpsag24rgse.jpg  photo SFbooter2 1 of 1_zpsuat7cevz.jpg  photo SFbooter1 1 of 1_zps55b9eqea.jpg  photo SFdad 1 of 1_zpszot7d38y.jpg This year raised almost 10k for great cause, and featured a band with over 200 in attendance. Sledderz from MN to the Dakotas joined us for 3 days of sun, fun, and runs! Eben is back>  photo Eben 1 of 1_zpswoeej5vl.jpg  photo Jumpsled 1 of 1_zpssmgahdgw.jpg Next year, who know's how big or where it will be?..
But its legit, and growing every year.
Thanks Brandon for carrying on the tradition, and doing this almost single-handily!!   Also needing mentioned is Tim Patten, David Maness, Vito Taverna, John Asta, Johnny Bushman, Scott Carlson, Marcus Rasputin, Tony Distrola, Sky Pixel Media, and the 100's of raffle donators! photo SFrafflesmiles 1 of 1_zpspzwxcfsl.jpg  photo JumpteamSF2 1 of 1_zpsqika7e9y.jpgPrizes, who said....Prizes?? More pics to come........ --->>
Nite life  photo NightLotSprinRedGreen 1 of 1_zpsxs02d3fg.jpg

Snowies 5-9-16 Day 36

Tom Kussard and I went up for an early AM rip.  2ft on the backside with zero visibility.  Front side was sunny but not nearly as much pow.  Very heavy snow. We had the entire range to ourselves.  Love May pow rides!

A day o' dirt on Sidewinder Trail

 Ray, Sean and I hit the sidewinder trail yesterday -- pretty much perfect weather and conditions! We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. 

Yup there is a trail on the cliff face

The Beta 250RR -- awesome technical trail bike. After sidewinder we dropped into peach valley and hit a drainage in Candy Lane
down to the road. ~40 miles on the day with a good 30 or so pure single track

Sidewinder route in Google Earth

Ray and JP (thanks for pics Sean!)


The hardware

More info on sidewinder: Sidewinder Trail - MTB Project

Powder day then shreadfest...

Spring gives us so many options here in Colorado. I recommend you try them all!

Thursday..whiteout.. New 850 Ski Doo testing.

 photo 20160331-_DSC4070_zpsb10dmoop.jpg

 photo 20160331-_DSC4046_zpseqgivfdu.jpg
 photo jameswellsbw17-1-2_zpsfda1qscm.jpg

 photo 20160331-_DSC4192_zpsnrqsxw9k.jpg

Friday afternoon poach with bluebird skies.

 photo 20160324-P1000026_zpsvgtyxjsd.jpg

then Saturday Shreadfest!!

 photo 20160402-P1000142_zpsqlowgdph.jpg
 photo 20160402-P1000107_zpsxhpurjcf.jpg

 photo 20160402-P1000096_zpsrlijnnb9.jpg

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