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Slow start but looking good on the Mesa

 It has been a slow start to the snow season this year but we've been able to score a few good pow days anyway. After this last storm cycle, the Mesa is definitely in better shape -- yesterday we found some safe spots to play. No base at all but 3 - 5' in spots..  It looks like 1 - 2' in the forecast over xmas week! More pics on the way, Ray Orr was photog.

Be careful out there.. saw 3 sets of a-arms go down just this week!

Forecast this week -- gotta love living 15 miles down the mountain from the trailhead

Tuesday Ride: Highlander wine and campfire w/ Alexander Lake Lodge crew

 Went up for a quick ride in the morning with Mike Bryson and the Alexander Lake Lodge crew.. Stayed mostly on the trails, we did find a couple of good spots to play around Big Creek. The lodge crew brought some special Polish Highlander wine and we had a cook out for lunch. Afternoon -- half the group split to go ice fishing while Slavik, Joe and I went off in search of a-arm busting rocks. 

Go visit Jan and Anna (new owners of Alexander) for a good time!

Cross-training in the desert

Snowmobiling Monday up on the Mesa in 40" new pow.. Friday cross-training in the desert on the BETA's w/ Ray and Shane.

Go see Kevin at Grand Mesa Motorsports! the '15 BETAs are in


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