Colorado snow update 11/7/16

Worst start I've ever witnessed in the past 12 years I've been sledding.  Usually get a road ride in by the 1st week of Nov at the latest.  High pressure over Colorado is keeping the temps high and dry.  Won't see a change in the weather pattern until about the 17th.  At this rate a road ride on T-giving is going to be a stretch.  Has been tough to stay positive, especially when staring at the new silber turbo setup on the Axys.


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oh that looks like a mean wheelie machine... sick!!! we need some snow like asap

RayOrr_blackswan's picture that i see...

a new muffpot?.. j/k..... Turbo, get outta town!!

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i agree...stay thirsty my friend.

I too have never seen a fall like this one, possibly thats a good sign.

If we get da 1st snow, bring that steed over here for a test&tune... There's a 40 mile road loop we run after the 1st dump.

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Ill travel anywhere right now

Ill travel anywhere right now for a road ride!

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rode trip

to BC or AK??

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Seriously has been on my

Seriously has been on my mind.

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well if winter keeps failing maybe a new years trip is in order!!

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For sure

For sure