August Update... Taylor-GM-Sargents

Since our new friends Amber & Sean moved to Cederidge, we've been trying to keep up with them.
Here's some pics from the Grand Mesa and Taylor over the last few weeks.
Huge thanks to Motofrugals, Klim, Motorfist, Rekluse, Allterrain Motorsports and Grand Mesa Motorsports for keeping us smiling every weekend. Now here's some Pics!  photo moto828sunset 1 of 1_zpsfetqfaid.jpg  photo moto828logfest13 1 of 1_zps2q7reks5.jpg  photo moto828 1 of 1_zpsmgemh7cp.jpg  photo moto828logfest12 1 of 1_zpsvus5pjcu.jpg  photo moto828logfest14 1 of 1_zpsgoakr0hs.jpg  photo moto828logfest 1 of 1_zps1itbqflr.jpg  photo moto828logfest1 1 of 1_zps0vauliel.jpg  photo moto828logfest11 1 of 1_zpsxmxbam0l.jpg


 photo sargentsmtntop 1 of 1_zpsv7vzzan6.jpg
 photo sargentsmtnflower 1 of 1_zps8ubyqjot.jpg
 photo sargentsmtnbrett 1 of 1_zpsed2j154e.jpg
 photo sargentsJoe 1 of 1_zpspob6oull.jpg
 photo sargents 1 of 1_zps4tothzi3.jpg


RayOrr_blackswan's picture day!

great effort today, we lost 2 hours chasing cows trails into the oblivion... But learned some bike wrangling skills in the process!

Maybe best ride of the year, thanks to Alexander lodge feeding our starving bodies... Thanks Anna!

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dude those pics are so

dude those pics are so awesome!! you are the man, thanks for capturing that slog fest. super fun day, lets go back!!!