Northern Colorado 12/7/13

 One of the coldest rides ever.  3.5hrs to break in trail.  Low snow down low, but pretty deep up top.  Narrowed up the panels and boards on the proclimb.  Working well...

NOCO 11/23/13

 Got out Saturday with Tom and Jason.  Tom is new to the crew this season.  He is a ripper.  Especially for someone from Wisconsin ;)  Great ride on the new '14 Proclimb.  Still pretty thin everywhere though.  Need snow bad.  Spent about 15 hrs building it up with tons of different parts before the first ride.  After owning a '12 proclimb, I knew I wanted to see the changes right away with this sled.  BDX arms/spindles help the sled a ton with downhill turns along with the 36" ski stance now.  Polaris gripper ski's are way better than stock or SLP PP's.  The skid changes to the '14 made this thing not nose dive like the '12's.  Power is incredible.  It's a 153 and feels like I have the climbing power of my M8 162 with the 2.6 powerclaw.  Tons more power than my '12 pro rmk with belt drive.  Did snag a tree stump and snap my rear footboard stirrup.  Was planning on making it skinny anyway, so Rasmussen Airframes and panel pull in here I come.  Wanted to wait for the new BDX boards, but they still have no ETA for me.

Day 4! 3.5-4ft with an 18" top layer of blower 11-6-13

 Jason Barcus dropping his first shoulders of the season.  Dumping out.  Cold, windy.  Felt like mid Feb.  Love it!
Still got to keep telling myself it's early season though and stick to the safe spots.  Tagged a rock on a steep downhill turn and bent the lower zbroz arm on my M.

Buff Pass 11/1/13. 3ft+ and nicely set up

Great ride with Tom and Tamlyn.  Boondocked all day.  Great snow for this early!

Great pre-season road ride on the Grand Mesa

 Thanks for showing me around Ray and Mark. Legit start to the season, road 40 miles or so in mostly 30+ of blower pow. The afternoon cracked and bluebird skies appeared, super fun day. 

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