Snowies 10/19/13

 Super fun day playing in some meadows that are rock free.  Took Spencer out for his first day of the year.  Good 2ft and it's setting up nicely.  If the temps stay okay then this should be the start of the season base up there!   Drove in probably further than we should have, but all was good thankfully.







Snowy Range WY 10-5-13!!!

 Earliest ride ever for me today.  Riding buddy Tom got out and hit Deadman yesterday on a fresh foot of snow and put 25 miles on.  Too bad he blew his '10 M8 motor today and I had to give him  a tow out.  Better now than during the prime season.  Rode on a true 24" today in a grassy meadow off the main road.  The snow on the dirt roads were toast by hunters driving up there by the time we left around noon.  Had a blast lying down some shoulder pow turns on the 1st week of October.  Let this be a sign of the great snow season to come!!!  

Monday 9/23/13 RMNP

 I'd say we got some real good chances of getting some early riding in this season!!!

Winter is coming

Top of Trail Ridge Rd RMNP
 Won't be long now boys!

Delta SnoKrusers Snowmobile Club HWY 65 Cleanup

Went up to HWY 65 for the Delta SnoKrusers HWY 65 Cleanup .. Didn't have a huge showing of people but we did about 6 miles of roadway from the top down to the visitors center. Can't wait for winter on the Grand Mesa!! 

Looking forward to getting deep and listening to this new mix from Circus on the mountain soon!

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