Skinz Concept Front End Review for Proclimb

Skinz front end is really a game changer in steep sidehills and downhill pow turns. The stock front end spindles are just set too far back. While in most riding aspects you don't notice any short comings with it, you do if you get it on a steep sidehill or steep downhill pow turns. The stock front end will grab more, which on steep sidehills can wash the rear of the track out and make the sled try to climb back uphill. This is from how far it's set back. Stock, on down hill pow turns it can right side you over the sled if you get too aggressive with it. The skinz front end corrects these short comings dramatically. I no longer see these issues. It holds a line better on a sidehill without wanting to climb up hill. It makes downhill turns a lot smoother and easier. The sled is even easier to get on its side and hold it there too, even on flats. Without feeling twitchy or odd even on the trail. I have non kashima coated evol R's that Tom's snowmobile built and revalved for my 14 BDX front end along with his SIK kit in the rear. Even on the shop floor the skinz front end on my 15 feels and shocks move so much better over my 14 bdx front end. Same on the mountain.
The skinz spindles are 1.5" shorter than stock. Not anywhere near as short as the BDX spindles. But it's the 3.5" forward that make them work so much better. Especially with the shocks. I rode the 15 skinz kit with evol R kashima front shocks along with the stock rear suspension last weekend. But will be putting on Tom's SIK kit in the rear of the 15 as well today and trying it out new years day. I  like that I can have the exact camber I want on the skis, compared to the odd positive camber that I have to deal with on the BDX front end. I have my ski stance on the wider setting on the Skinz and it's still only 36.5" wide from center of skis.  Skinz kit is a couple pound lighter than stock.  Has a better turning radius than stock too.  The BDX front end has less of a turning radius over Skinz and stock.


12.27.2014 bluebird pow day

12.27.2014 amazing bluebird day

 Photog: Ray Orr 

video on the way.

12.26.2014 - end of the storm cycle -- super deep

Photog: Ray Orr

Ryan Smith:


JP Stoermer:

Backcountry Pow Vid - 2015 Arctic Cat HCR

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