Slow start but looking good on the Mesa

 It has been a slow start to the snow season this year but we've been able to score a few good pow days anyway. After this last storm cycle, the Mesa is definitely in better shape -- yesterday we found some safe spots to play. No base at all but 3 - 5' in spots..  It looks like 1 - 2' in the forecast over xmas week! More pics on the way, Ray Orr was photog.

Be careful out there.. saw 3 sets of a-arms go down just this week!

Forecast this week -- gotta love living 15 miles down the mountain from the trailhead

Tuesday Ride: Highlander wine and campfire w/ Alexander Lake Lodge crew

 Went up for a quick ride in the morning with Mike Bryson and the Alexander Lake Lodge crew.. Stayed mostly on the trails, we did find a couple of good spots to play around Big Creek. The lodge crew brought some special Polish Highlander wine and we had a cook out for lunch. Afternoon -- half the group split to go ice fishing while Slavik, Joe and I went off in search of a-arm busting rocks. 

Go visit Jan and Anna (new owners of Alexander) for a good time!

Cross-training in the desert

Snowmobiling Monday up on the Mesa in 40" new pow.. Friday cross-training in the desert on the BETA's w/ Ray and Shane.

Go see Kevin at Grand Mesa Motorsports! the '15 BETAs are in


Tom Kussard first to legally ride in Colorado

 Riding buddy Tom Kussard was one of the first to get on the snow in CO with his new T3 163 Doo.  The snotel got past 12" so he decided to get 20 break in miles on.  Too bad it will be almost gone by this weekend.  Hopefully it starts snowing soon, cause I don't remember any year since I started snowmobiling in 2004 that was this dry the first week of November.  


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