Bluebird on the Mesa - 02-02-2014

 Went up for a short ride with Ray today, super nice day but cold. Got into some good pow in the north facing trees. Might have to give his ski-doo a test ride, thing looks so easy to ride. Watch out -- plenty of danger out there still.

Good day on the Mesa

 7 deep today up on the Mesa, snow was super good on the north aspects. Pretty boney everywhere else.. Tomorrow should be even better light and snow should settle a bit. 

Day 10 - Grand Mesa Deepness and Bluebird

 Went for a ride up on the Mesa after the last storm cycle, lots of natural avalanche activity. Almost got caught up in a small slide during a sidehill up to a saddle near Indian Point. Over the hood all day and super fun, lost my spot beacon so that kinda sucks. In the middle of the next storm cycle so the Mesa should be prime this weekend and into next week. Time to go slay it.. JP

Day 19! Snowy Range getting Deep

 Great base and great snow.  Finally, the winter we've all wanted for the past 2 years!

'14 Proclimb is a hoot to ride.  I have been bending the BDX spindles very easily though.  I think I've gone through 4 now.  They could use a little beef up on them.  The chassis can take a little more force.

Jordan Marrou 2014 Proclimb 800 in the Snowies from Jordan Marrou on Vimeo.

Grand Mesa 12.28.2013

 Good ride and good snow up on the Mesa. Accessed from the Bonham side and boondocked to Leon Peak. Brian and I traversed all the way around Leon Peak.


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