A day o' dirt on Sidewinder Trail

 Ray, Sean and I hit the sidewinder trail yesterday -- pretty much perfect weather and conditions! We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. 

Yup there is a trail on the cliff face

The Beta 250RR -- awesome technical trail bike. After sidewinder we dropped into peach valley and hit a drainage in Candy Lane
down to the road. ~40 miles on the day with a good 30 or so pure single track

Sidewinder route in Google Earth

Ray and JP (thanks for pics Sean!)


The hardware

More info on sidewinder: Sidewinder Trail - MTB Project


RayOrr_blackswan's picture

great pics sean

your post is awesome but lacks any mention of funny spills...

All that teasing about a pipe guard paid off.. #2 broken in.
That google map is sweet and after you ride the bugger 2x you'll remember each switch back for sure.

Looks like rain in the desert till next week....so back to the sledS!!

jp's picture


yeah lets ride sleds on tuesday or after this storm
i guess i'll re-load my junk back on the truck. haah

i didn't want to mention how many times i fell off my bike and dropped it on that ride. hahah