countdown to winter... 10.24.16 update

McCoy 10.23.16  
We explored the not-so-famous McCoy recently.  
Above average temps are keeping us on the dirt scooters rather than the snow kind...   But, we expect the Colorado fall will come storming in....we're just not sure month that will be.      photo mccoy2 1 of 1_zps6yjb8vgh.jpg  photo mccoy 1 of 1_zps32jilktj.jpg  photo mccoyjoe 1 of 1_zpsnpjeq4ke.jpg
Cooler temps equal... More moto!  photo mcclure 1 of 1_zpso2fggvhn.jpgLast weekend the WKS headed over to Debeque for another round. Sean  photo debeq1016s 1 of 1_zpskmniox6o.jpg Ian  photo debeq1016 1 of 1_zpswecc4ybb.jpg  photo ian 1 of 1_zpsdk5wmkno.jpg  photo ian1 1 of 1_zpsujneiyq8.jpg