I SPOKE TOO SOON!!! Northern Colorado secret stash 2-1-15. 16" + of fresh.

 Snowies are getting hammered too right now.  They got 3ft already in spots with a ton more on the way!  Even Buff pass has good snow in the forecast. Taking Thursday off!!!

Still good in the trees - Grand Mesa, Colorado

 Ryan Smith:


Mesa Update - 01.14.2014

At least 20" new and sunny!


Ryan Smith:


Booter Mission - Mesa

 Ryan Smith and I went out yesterday to check out the snow (sucked) and build a booter. We found a perfect spot with a huge north facing open landing.. you could seriously send it on this one. It is gonna pay dividends all year. Should be minimal work after the next storm cycle.

It is snowing again now -- game on! I hear rumors of a Kebler / Irwin mission today. See you on the mountain

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