Screengrabs from the Mesa

Just snow checked a 2015 HCR w/ 3" Powerclaw at Grand Mesa Motorsports. Can't wait til Sept!


Topping out on the Mesa - Leon Peak

 A couple of shots from riding this last weekend riding with Rick, Al and Kenny R. 

Self rescue:

Kestrel Ripping Grand Mesa, Colorado

Deep on the Mesa

 6 deep in the crew today, it was insane deep out in the trees. Awesome crew and bluebird day, tons of stucks and more snow on the way. The base has to be 7 foot deep but if you punch through the top layer you better be on your game. If you are in the Mesa area, let me know and we'll go shred.

NOCO 2/1/14

 Deep up in Northern Colorado.  Went out with Andy on Saturday.  Clutch on my Proclimb broke in half and bent the crank.  2nd primary on this sled too.  460 miles on this '14.  Fucking POS!  I thought my Pro RMK was unreliable.  Well this '14 PC is giving it a run for its money.  I must just ride these damn things too hard.

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