Snowies 5-9-16 Day 36

Tom Kussard and I went up for an early AM rip.  2ft on the backside with zero visibility.  Front side was sunny but not nearly as much pow.  Very heavy snow. We had the entire range to ourselves.  Love May pow rides!


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are you sure....

those are from May? j/k... Those pics looks stupid for late spring, great photos guys!

We were on the Ears that weekend camping and saw everything from 60+ temps and bluebird on Wed to whiteouts on Saturday, then warm rain...

Way to go, finding the last pow of the season!! and sharing it with us..on the web... lol..

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hate you

just kidding... man i do miss up north sometimes. i put the sled away a month plus away with one "missing" hifax

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Ya was good up north this

Ya was good up north this year. Got into area j a few weeks ago. Could tell there had been people in there this year