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Its Turbo Tuesday and that means #Boondocker ! Those dudes really know there stuff, and they should after a decade of developing this technolgy. I've ran their kits on both M8s and 1000's and they've always delivered great power and throttle response.

But this new Polaris Axis kit is simply too much for me to keep under the rug!!

1st thing, the kit is truely a plug&play beauty.   No splicing wires, no cutting or drilling execpt for the tunnel dump exhaust.

The electronics came pre-programmed and the mapping was spot on!! I expected to spend a few hours adding #'s to the box, but thats not necessary with this setup.  One evening in the garage, I was ready to ride!


 photo IMG_1043_zps5dub60ly.jpg
Give the guys at #Boondocker a call today, you wont be left dissappointed.   Ryan

BoonDocker LLC
2379 Heyrend Way
Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA 83402
208-542-4411 (Local) 877-522-7805 (Toll Free)



1.09.16 GM

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Its all about the base, the base!....and finally, it has arrived. 2 days above freezing was just what the snowpack needed. Now we have 4-6 feet of solid goodness, with daily freshies on top.
 photo _DSC1798_zpskysucijp.jpg  photo _DSC1824_zpsq9oumt7r.jpg  photo _DSC1727_zpsyoywyusq.jpg  photo _DSC1830_zps9zodoywv.jpg  photo _DSC1787_zps1ag2mnrg.jpg  photo jptobe_zpsh59lessa.jpg

Best day of the year in Northern Colorado. Great base, bluebird, way too much fun

 Got out with Andy and his bro.  Great base setting up finally.  My narrowed 2016 proclimb is killing it.  3" powerclaw is seriously the best track out there.  Keeps chugging, and is hard to get stuck.  My 2016 axys 3" and buddy Tom's T3 track don't even hold a candle (all same length).  I'll most likely be putting the 3" powerclaw on the Axys this season, or this summer.  It's that good. Have 250 miles on both my 16 PC and 16 Axys this season, 12 days.  I ride the shit out of both sleds, and both do some things better than the other.  The 16 Proclimb with the way I have it setup kills my last years 15 proclimb with 3" PC, can, shocks, skinz front end, BDX boards, steering mod in technical situations.  Must on the 16 Cat 3" 7 tooth are BM fab skinny board and panel suck in, Toms snowmobile revalved shocks, higher gearing, & can.  MDS weights unloaded are also working great.

NOCO 1-2-16 from Jordan CO 2.0 on Vimeo.

1.1.2016 Grand Mesa Adventures

Tried to go on a ride out to the flattops yesterday and ended up smoking my primary clutch on '12 HCR half way in. Made it back to the lodge solo and was about to call it day (2 sleds down in 2 days is my limit) when I ran into Donna of Grand Mesa Adventures. She was responding to a SAR incident out near Lands End so she asked me to join Mike and take out a new years day snowmobile tour. We had a pretty good time and it was really awesome to see new comers to snowmobiling enjoying their first ride and the beautiful Grand Mesa. Mike and Donna have an awesome setup at GMA, they operate out of the historic Alexander Lake Lodge (run by the Chyc family, good friends of ours). If you are looking for an adventure on the Mesa, you found it!
Our tour group (Mike leading)

Rider working on his first powder turns!

(2) 2016 Ski Doo 600 2up Snowmobiles
(2) 2016 Ski Doo 600 Snowmobiles
(2) 2015 Arctic Cat m8000 Snowmobiles
(1) 2011 Arctic Cat m8 Snowmobile available for rent.

Give GMA a shout 1-800-366-2222 or

NewYearsRide 1.1.16

Blue bird ride.
 photo kestrel1116a_zpsemllxemg.jpg  photo kestrel1228t_zpsez6xvkev.jpg  photo kestrel1116_zpsizvkskxx.jpg
Apparently.......18deg is the perfect temp for goggles and gear.

12.28.15 Ride 4.3 in the books

tough day...but we had snow. so we rode.

The Motorfist gear delivered again.  

Ryan is sporting his new Alpha jacket since the trees are now prime for banging. The new bullet proof Kelvar panels are wearing awesome especially in the extreme wear zones. The Alpha bibs share the same technolgy, lining the inside of the legs to combat the abuse delivered by the running boards and tunnel.


The entire alpha lineup is a new animal built for the serious tree rider.   Hoping to try the Alpha boot with BOA system soon, Ryan is raving about their super-light weight and industry 1st sole.   


 photo rs1228b_zps0ulq2ou4.jpg  photo rs1228a_zpscco3sdrb.jpg

 photo kestrel1228a_zps2e4avxnc.jpg

Heal up JP, we need our Team Leader back in the Lead position. RO

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