Pow Day Grand Mesa

Shralpin' the Grand Mesa with my boy Ray Orr today!

Getting deeper

 Snowy Range 11-30-16.  Super deep in very localized areas,  super thin in others.  Rocks throughout.  Tip toe around, or get destroyed.  Got lucky not breaking anything, so ended up being a great day.  Another 2-3ft and it will be on.  The base isnt there, but the snow is the consistency to be a great base setup with not too much compaction.  Good day riding with Tom Kussard from Sledsmoke



Early Season POW Grand Mesa

The good stuff....

Ryan Smith

Snowies 11/25/16. Some pockets of joy

A Few deep pockets of pow out there, had some fun.  Amazing what 500ft in elevation can give you.  1st real day testing out the Silber turbo on the axys.  Really fun.  Still has more lag down low than a stock 15 m8, but that has to be expected.  Still the most responsive turbo setup Ive ever ridden. Also tested out the new redesigned barcode 360 front end on Jason Tamlyn's m8000.  Works great.  Better than Skinz front end, which I have a full season on.  Dont expect to go out and find the snow in these pics.  It took some work. It's still really only road ride territory out there.  Just happy to be back on the snow!!!


Never to late... finally, our season begins..

Blowing off steam at the WKS garage... mf photo motofennersm 1 of 1_zpswtg4tf6u.jpg This is a welcome sight to sore eyes..  photo 112316hwy 1 of 1_zps2faucnch.jpg  photo 112316a 1 of 1_zpsun8f3che.jpg  photo nov2316 1 of 1_zpseyimukim.jpg  photo g4p1 1 of 1_zps4m3x35tt.jpg Ride #3 trail clearing before the next 3 day storm... 11/26--11/29 There were quite a few large logs blocking the main trails, and everyone knows WeknowSnow loves firewood!! So, off we went... 112616trailcleanup photo 112616tree 1 of 1_zpsxhceq3qe.jpg JP has a great system for carrying his trusty Stihl! 112616jp photo 112616jp 1 of 1_zps0p5dkkil.jpg

ride# 6

Ryan and Luke join us.

1st day off the beatin' path...powder found!

 photo dec3jpcover 1 of 1_zpsw96uwcce.jpg

slowly getting our camera skillz back...

Ryan Briscoe w/ Klim

 photo dec3 1 of 1_zpswgzn8tq1.jpg

Luke Kennedy crushin' the new #8fiddy

 photo dec3luke 1 of 1_zpsvairdx0f.jpg

and team leader JP rockin' his "rock buggie"

 photo dec3jp 1 of 1_zpsyaarhglw.jpg

1st Ride of the season in Northern Colorado

Got out with Tom Kussard super early this AM.  Just enough snow fell to get a road ride in.  Finally got a chance to test out the new Silber turbo on my Axys.  Thing is so sweet.  Almost zero lag.  Unlike any turbo sled I've ever ridden.  I'm now an addict.  Won't be enough snow though until it snows again.   Just glad we finally got some snow!

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