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Got the new facemask on for quarantine


Buff 11-2-19

 Good start to the season at Buff.  About 30" of snow up top.  Got pretty tracked out, and still need to watch for landmines, especially in the trees.

First Ride 10-12-18

Got out solo early this AM in NOCO.  Put on 8 miles and back to work.  Don't go up there Saturday as there won't be enough snow then.  Just barely enough for a road ride today at 10K ft.  11-12K ft looked a lot deeper.  Looks like Wolf Creek and the Mesa did better.  Stoked to finally get out!


Snowies behind my cabin 8K ft Elk Mtn

 After a good day of riding and a snapped trailer neck decided to take a few laps around my cabin at 8K ft.  Pretty low amounts of snow around there from what I usually see this time of year.

Snowies Presidents Day Weekend

 12-18" of fresh everywhere

'18 Cat sidehill

And I'll throw in the '19 Alpha Cat Spy pic in here since Christopher's bitch ass on snowest took my thread down

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