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Snowies behind my cabin 8K ft Elk Mtn

 After a good day of riding and a snapped trailer neck decided to take a few laps around my cabin at 8K ft.  Pretty low amounts of snow around there from what I usually see this time of year.

Snowies Presidents Day Weekend

 12-18" of fresh everywhere

'18 Cat sidehill

And I'll throw in the '19 Alpha Cat Spy pic in here since Christopher's bitch ass on snowest took my thread down



Snowies 12-2-17

 Yesterday.  There are pockets of ok snow out there in north face trees, but open areas are blown hard and thin.  Just needs to snow.  There is a base setting up.  Wasnt hitting as much stuff like I did a couple weeks ago.



This was 2 weeks ago


Snowies 11-7-17

 Day 2 on the snow with Andy Horne.  Hit up the snowies.  Sucks with the new rules of no riding off trails till the 15th, cause there was just enough fresh snow to tip toe around in a few grassy meadows I know about.  Probably a solid 2ft out of this last storm.  Should make for a good base.  

October 3rd. First ride of the season!

 Was great up top in Northern Colorado yesterday with Andy.  28" of fresh snow.  Was melting quick cause it was hot as hell up there at 11000ft.  The new 18 Cat with the mods kicks ass.  Best Cat yet by far.  I switched back and forth with my turbo axys all day, and the Cat is just easier on your body.  The trail in was total crap.  Down trees everywhere.  And the ride out was even worse since we took a different way.  Lesson learned.  Probably cut 10 trees that were down that we couldn't get around.  Without a sabercut 2way hand chainsaw, we'd still be up there.  Ended up being the hardest day of our lives.  7.5 hrs of butt kicking, but it was worth it in the end to finally make some great pow turns.  Only damage was a bent tie rod on the cat.

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