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First Ride 10-12-18

Got out solo early this AM in NOCO.  Put on 8 miles and back to work.  Don't go up there Saturday as there won't be enough snow then.  Just barely enough for a road ride today at 10K ft.  11-12K ft looked a lot deeper.  Looks like Wolf Creek and the Mesa did better.  Stoked to finally get out!


Snowies behind my cabin 8K ft Elk Mtn

 After a good day of riding and a snapped trailer neck decided to take a few laps around my cabin at 8K ft.  Pretty low amounts of snow around there from what I usually see this time of year.

Snowies Presidents Day Weekend

 12-18" of fresh everywhere

'18 Cat sidehill

And I'll throw in the '19 Alpha Cat Spy pic in here since Christopher's bitch ass on snowest took my thread down



Snowies 12-2-17

 Yesterday.  There are pockets of ok snow out there in north face trees, but open areas are blown hard and thin.  Just needs to snow.  There is a base setting up.  Wasnt hitting as much stuff like I did a couple weeks ago.



This was 2 weeks ago


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