Finally some real pow

 Crazy deep up in Noco on Friday 3/18/16.  Got to put the new powerclaw 3" to the test on the axys.  Just like I thought, great track.  Now I know why my 16 Cat was kicking the Axys' ass all year so far.  Much better track than what comes on the Axys.  Did take Ice age rails, anti stab, and Avid drivers to work though. 

never summer....

after 2 weeks of no love from above.... The hunt for snow continues...  photo feb24_zpsv9ccucrv.jpg  photo _DSC3070_zpsfhbs3nqa.jpg  photo _DSC3085_zpsclbjchyl.jpg

Beta's in the desert. Winter Storm on the way..

 No snow for a while now.. Ray and I went out for a dirt bike mission in the desert. It might have been a bit early but we had a good time. Lots of mud!


GM Mega Tour

 ..with Uncle Bob/Bryson crew. GM mega tour hitting up some really sweet new terrain back behind Green Mountain. Awesome two day tour -- used 3.5 tanks of gas!!

Looking at the back side of Green Mountain and the ridge line

Go Broncos! 2.7.16

A.R.M attacked Kebler on Friday. the team was super cautious after this last storm cycle left 30-50" of new snow across Colorado.  photo P1250655_zpssgq2io58.jpg

 photo P1250662_zpsd4vi0azc.jpg
R.Smith saluting every aspen he encounters.
 photo P1260082_zps6lm68gsf.jpg

 photo P1260108_zps6iu4olub.jpg
Fenner "submarine capt."
 photo fennerkebler_zps4cawsfsq.jpg
Trying to find a pic of KD, he's hard to keep track of since he joined #Boondocker gang.
 photo P1250962_zpsd8qcc9rk.jpg

Just out for a rip are ya bud? Snowy Range tree riding 1-29-16

 Killer day on the mountain.  Loving my skinny 16 Cat!


Snowy Range - Jordan Marrou out for a rip 1-29-16 from Jordan CO 2.0 on Vimeo.

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