Veteran's Day 2015 -- 1st RIDE!!---11.11.2015

This ride started like many before, the Alexander had the parking lot plowed before we arrived.

 photo _DSC9716_zpsplsqrim2.jpg

14 degrees wasn't keeping other sleds from beating us to the pow!!

 photo _DSC9698_zpsujbzkddr.jpg

Ryan made a few handlebar adjustments, and we're off.....

After 10 miles of breaking trail, it was time to drop into our 1st park of the season.

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 photo _DSC9828_zpsobzoxxlz.jpg
 photo _DSC9833_zpskznkmhol.jpg
 photo _DSC9834_zpsq9lm2yk6.jpg

The snow was crazy deep 3-4 feet in places (with 2 feet of base)....unreal for only 2 storms!
 photo _DSC9813_zpstitanfxx.jpg
 photo _DSC9816_zpso8qc9qu6.jpg

 photo _DSC9842_zpsldvo1h1g.jpg
 photo _DSC9857_zps2tbyzkz0.jpg
 photo _DSC9809_zps2n2vgvdw.jpg


 photo _DSC9870_zpstn38pmf6.jpg
 photo _DSC9939_zpsvr7wfwr4.jpg
 photo _DSC9806_zpsoojethib.jpg

The day ended with an amazing sunset over looking the season to come......

 photo _DSC9692_zps8rqgiyr7.jpg

Followed by Bloodie Marys and hot homemade food!! Thanks Sylvester!!

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Mesa Update - 11.11.2015 JP's pics

 Went up with Ryan Smith and Ray Orr yesterday.. super good for early November! Ray took way better pics so hopefully he'll post those up

Ray Orr

Ryan Smith

Good early season snow in Northern CO and Southern WY

 Got out Friday and Saturday with Jason and Tom.  Great snow for this early, just no base.  So lots of rocks to be hit. Took it nice and easy.  Got the new Axys broken in.  Gonna be a sweet sled.  Motor is a lot more powerful than the previous generation, pulled 8250rpm once it had over 40 miles on it.  Still don't like the valving in the walker shocks though, at least the fronts.  Hope this is a start to a great season.


Little bit deeper today on the Mesa

Can't complain.. 2 pow days 


Fresh Pow 2015/2016 Day 1

 In the backyard on the Mesa.. Ryan Smith gettin jiggy!!



 So picked up the new Alpha boot yesterday.  I liked the stomper 2's last year a lot.  Tough boot.  I like the Alpha more.  The BOA design is so easy to use.  It's also a dual BOA.  So the top part of the boot tightens/loosens with the top dial, and the bottom part with the dial on the back of the boot.  This makes it a much nicer customized fit than the traditional one dial BOA I've used in the past.  The overall size of the Alpha boot is smaller.  As you can see in the pic.  The Stomper 2 in the pic is an 11, and the Alpha is a 12.  They fit the same size.  The stompers I had to always go down one size in the past, but the Alpha fits true to size like the rest of my boots/tennis shoes.  
The Alpha size 12 weighs 2lbs 9 1/2oz
The Stomper 2 size 11 weighs 3lbs 3 5/8oz
The Alpha feels a lot lighter though and the weight is more even over the entire boot.  Where as the Stomper 2 has most the weight in the base and in the toe area.  So when you are swinging your foot around, the pendulum effect on the alpha makes it feel much lighter than it really is.  
It takes a bit of twisting the dials to get the alpha on and fit tight, but to take them off takes all of a couple seconds by just pulling the dial out and releasing all the tension on the cable laces.  Overall a much more time saving design over your traditional laces.



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