2ft of fresh in CO

 Holy shit was it deep. With Tom Kussard and Jason Tamlyn . 3" axys and 3" T3 154 both struggled today.  Both sleds were dead even in the deep but I need to get rpm up 200 on the axys at 11k ft.  8300rpm is the sweet spot.  Mds weights and h5 springs.  

Still boney in noco

 Got out today with Jason and Tim Bushmann.  Northern CO needs some snow.  8-12" on road in.  Didnt get good till 11k ft and even then there were thin areas.  Needed to hit north face in areas behind trees that were wind loaded.  Also some trees on the trails in.  This one there was no getting by with how many logs were right off trail.  16 proclimb can sidehill steep with the bmfab narrow boards and panels.  Very impressed.  Clutching needs work though.  Putting a 43 helix like the spring demos had.  48s the fall sleds have dont have enough punch down low and back shift above 11k ft with 21 49 gearing 7 tooth 3" and 285 primary  spring.  Also gonna try some MDS weights.  They work well in Mac (Wyoboy1000) 16 team


December is finally here.... Welcome back WKS riders!

Jordan (CO2.0)

 photo DSC00438_zpstuibqf9t.jpg

JP " master Po "

 photo fenner12_zpsxm4j9iz6.jpg

Fenner from ToyUpColorado

 photo IMG_2780_zpsac1e6e04.jpg

Kestrel "K-man"

 photo may12sm_zps02410257.jpg

Mr.Ryan Smith of ThunderStruck Films

 photo eman_zpstcxf3kkp.jpg

Eric Kleinwachter

 photo P1020064.jpg


 photo P1030293.jpg


 photo IMG_2778_zps5b1a48f8.jpg

and me, the camera guy.

WKS team in action!  photo P1020101.jpg

11.17.2015 GoPro Video

11.17.15 Ride3.1

the Storm left more to be desired, high winds moved most of the powder east of us. but a few turns were found:  photo _DSC0001_zpsbcqroahd.jpg  photo _DSC0095_zpsdqvwwexq.jpg  photo 1117ryan_zpsyhaiojm7.jpg  photo _DSC0130_zpsdrn5hfyr.jpg  photo _DSC0008_zpsbmdssdlr.jpg  photo 1117ryanbwwh_zpswjt5td4t.jpg

Veteran's Day 2015 -- 1st RIDE!!---11.11.2015

This ride started like many before, the Alexander had the parking lot plowed before we arrived.

 photo _DSC9716_zpsplsqrim2.jpg

14 degrees wasn't keeping other sleds from beating us to the pow!!

 photo _DSC9698_zpsujbzkddr.jpg

Ryan made a few handlebar adjustments, and we're off.....

After 10 miles of breaking trail, it was time to drop into our 1st park of the season.

 photo _DSC9819_zpslei0trey.jpg
 photo _DSC9828_zpsobzoxxlz.jpg
 photo _DSC9833_zpskznkmhol.jpg
 photo _DSC9834_zpsq9lm2yk6.jpg

The snow was crazy deep 3-4 feet in places (with 2 feet of base)....unreal for only 2 storms!
 photo _DSC9813_zpstitanfxx.jpg
 photo _DSC9816_zpso8qc9qu6.jpg

 photo _DSC9842_zpsldvo1h1g.jpg
 photo _DSC9857_zps2tbyzkz0.jpg
 photo _DSC9809_zps2n2vgvdw.jpg


 photo _DSC9870_zpstn38pmf6.jpg
 photo _DSC9939_zpsvr7wfwr4.jpg
 photo _DSC9806_zpsoojethib.jpg

The day ended with an amazing sunset over looking the season to come......

 photo _DSC9692_zps8rqgiyr7.jpg

Followed by Bloodie Marys and hot homemade food!! Thanks Sylvester!!

 photo _DSC7715_zpsjzllhpr7.jpg


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