Just out for a rip are ya bud? Snowy Range tree riding 1-29-16

 Killer day on the mountain.  Loving my skinny 16 Cat!


Snowy Range - Jordan Marrou out for a rip 1-29-16 from Jordan CO 2.0 on Vimeo.


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Killing it!

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impressive setup

that thing looks like a beast for just clutching and gearing?


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Geared higher 20/49, 40 helix

Geared higher 20/49, 40 helix from stock 48, speedwerx primary 125/340 and secondary 180/270 springs, mds weights unloaded, 083 belt. Nothing stock in my clutching

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it looks and sounds like it seriously rips

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no secrets ...

on WKS!! Thanks for sharing....if i had a cat, i'd deffinitey let you set it up!