GM Mega Tour

 ..with Uncle Bob/Bryson crew. GM mega tour hitting up some really sweet new terrain back behind Green Mountain. Awesome two day tour -- used 3.5 tanks of gas!!

Looking at the back side of Green Mountain and the ridge line


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That's a lot of riding man!

That's a lot of riding man!

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there is soo much terrain up here that i haven't even seen yet. been trying to get out and really learn the mountain .. the back of green mountain was $$$

i had to limp most of the way back mid-day yesterday after finding that sheared front support spar insert banging around in the primary clutch!! luckyyyy boy was i a long way from home

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green mtn...

Its amazing how big this place is!

Cant want for JP to take us on a tour east of leon.

which sled is giving you da hassle?

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the 15 so hopefully warranty. yeah i'd love to lead a tour but i've only been back there twice now. goal for the next couple years is to really learn the mtn