Pow Day Grand Mesa

Shralpin' the Grand Mesa with my boy Ray Orr today!


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started with 4, then quickly turned into 11...scratched that schinizz..went back to plan A!

Love Plan A.

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surprised at how good it was yesterday. and really no tracks just off the S&P????? pure pow pow
lets see the pics!

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these were my favs....

 photo dec3jpcover 1 of 1_zpsw96uwcce.jpg

slowly getting our camera skillz back...

Ryan Briscoe w/ Klim

 photo dec3 1 of 1_zpswgzn8tq1.jpg

Luke Kennedy crushin' the new #8fiddy

 photo dec3luke 1 of 1_zpsvairdx0f.jpg

 photo dec3jp 1 of 1_zpsyaarhglw.jpg

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amazing pics again Ray Orr .. nice work!!