Getting deeper

 Snowy Range 11-30-16.  Super deep in very localized areas,  super thin in others.  Rocks throughout.  Tip toe around, or get destroyed.  Got lucky not breaking anything, so ended up being a great day.  Another 2-3ft and it will be on.  The base isnt there, but the snow is the consistency to be a great base setup with not too much compaction.  Good day riding with Tom Kussard from Sledsmoke




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snorkel type day!!

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looks like some serious cold smoke too!!

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Well it was COLD as shit, and

Well it was COLD as shit, and 50mph winds. And the hand warmers on the axys broke again for the 2nd time. Bad relay. Tough riding in 0 deg with no hand warmers.

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well we need to get you one of these then!! :D
i saw one for a turbo'd axys on craigslist

just messing bro. haha

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check it!!!!
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Bwhahahahaha still getting

Bwhahahahaha still getting air bitch!

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hahahahahah no doubt.. with the heat on inside the cab even!! baller.

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sign me up...looks cozy!

sign me up...looks cozy! got seat belts?