Never to late... finally, our season begins..

Blowing off steam at the WKS garage... mf photo motofennersm 1 of 1_zpswtg4tf6u.jpg This is a welcome sight to sore eyes..  photo 112316hwy 1 of 1_zps2faucnch.jpg  photo 112316a 1 of 1_zpsun8f3che.jpg  photo nov2316 1 of 1_zpseyimukim.jpg  photo g4p1 1 of 1_zps4m3x35tt.jpg Ride #3 trail clearing before the next 3 day storm... 11/26--11/29 There were quite a few large logs blocking the main trails, and everyone knows WeknowSnow loves firewood!! So, off we went... 112616trailcleanup photo 112616tree 1 of 1_zpsxhceq3qe.jpg JP has a great system for carrying his trusty Stihl! 112616jp photo 112616jp 1 of 1_zps0p5dkkil.jpg

ride# 6

Ryan and Luke join us.

1st day off the beatin' path...powder found!

 photo dec3jpcover 1 of 1_zpsw96uwcce.jpg

slowly getting our camera skillz back...

Ryan Briscoe w/ Klim

 photo dec3 1 of 1_zpswgzn8tq1.jpg

Luke Kennedy crushin' the new #8fiddy

 photo dec3luke 1 of 1_zpsvairdx0f.jpg

and team leader JP rockin' his "rock buggie"

 photo dec3jp 1 of 1_zpsyaarhglw.jpg


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whtat waht??.... one lets me handle the chainsaw...this pic never happened.. thanks mr.?

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ok ok ok

ok now i feel bad.. next time you can use the chain saw.. jeez!!! :D hahahah