Best day of the year in Northern Colorado. Great base, bluebird, way too much fun

 Got out with Andy and his bro.  Great base setting up finally.  My narrowed 2016 proclimb is killing it.  3" powerclaw is seriously the best track out there.  Keeps chugging, and is hard to get stuck.  My 2016 axys 3" and buddy Tom's T3 track don't even hold a candle (all same length).  I'll most likely be putting the 3" powerclaw on the Axys this season, or this summer.  It's that good. Have 250 miles on both my 16 PC and 16 Axys this season, 12 days.  I ride the shit out of both sleds, and both do some things better than the other.  The 16 Proclimb with the way I have it setup kills my last years 15 proclimb with 3" PC, can, shocks, skinz front end, BDX boards, steering mod in technical situations.  Must on the 16 Cat 3" 7 tooth are BM fab skinny board and panel suck in, Toms snowmobile revalved shocks, higher gearing, & can.  MDS weights unloaded are also working great.

NOCO 1-2-16 from Jordan CO 2.0 on Vimeo.


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i remember that spot.. i gotta come out and ride this spring! do you have the evol r kashima on your '16 PC? what air pressures you running? looking forward to the team clutching and 16 front end on the HCR next week

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Looking forward to seeing those Cats perform in the tight trees in 3ft of pow...

Not really into ... but Q is coming over in a few weeks, Jordan ya wanna join us?

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Ray will be shocked to know

Ray will be shocked to know the 3" powerclaw on my slightly modded 16 proclimb will crush the 3" on the T3 and Axys. I know cause Ive witnessed it personally... in 3ft of pow lol

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Im like big foot in the trees.

Im like big foot in the trees. No one can capture any footage of me. Too fast and elusive ;)

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just some fun rassing..... to start off the work week.
Hopefully both Cat and Doo will be releasing their new sleds in the spring. That should reset the "battle on the Mountain!!"

the forecast is shaping up nicely for a pow day later this week!!

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I heard Cat is sticking with

I heard Cat is sticking with the Proclimb chassis for next year. Most likely a new Cat made 170+ HP motor, and Lightening up of the current chassis. Doo should be due for an all new chassis I would think?

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you speak of the future?

my cat insiders say the 800 DI launch in old chasis, then finally a whole new trail sled!!

doo will probably do the opposite...launch new chasis with the old Etec...

Maybe I'll change my name to CatMandoo and have 1 of each.