Howdy sledderz!

Its Turbo Tuesday and that means #Boondocker ! Those dudes really know there stuff, and they should after a decade of developing this technolgy. I've ran their kits on both M8s and 1000's and they've always delivered great power and throttle response.

But this new Polaris Axis kit is simply too much for me to keep under the rug!!

1st thing, the kit is truely a plug&play beauty.   No splicing wires, no cutting or drilling execpt for the tunnel dump exhaust.

The electronics came pre-programmed and the mapping was spot on!! I expected to spend a few hours adding #'s to the box, but thats not necessary with this setup.  One evening in the garage, I was ready to ride!


 photo IMG_1043_zps5dub60ly.jpg
Give the guys at #Boondocker a call today, you wont be left dissappointed.   Ryan

BoonDocker LLC
2379 Heyrend Way
Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA 83402
208-542-4411 (Local) 877-522-7805 (Toll Free)




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Arm stretcher!!

Its a Arm Stretcher for sure. He's a pic from test/tune day.

Who's riding this weekend?

 photo FreeRyanac_zpsgxqao1fi.jpg

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Does your front bumper become

Does your front bumper become a massive chunk of ice? I have the same one and am selling it because of that.

How's the wheelie control with the turbo?

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how's that new Cat?

thanks JP and how's the '16 front-end treating ya? It looks like it sidehills like a beast.

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serious fire power

smith! that is some serious fire power!!! can't wait to see on the mountain.. fun factor level 10
dig the new front end, Jordan was right.. but after 8 years on a wide sled -- it is taking some getting used too
My old '12 40" HCR looks a little weird next to the narrow HCR on the sled deck.. haha

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What kinda of boost and fuel are you running?
Looks like we'll have a 2nd kit in group very soon......

Are they making a doo kit?