Little bit deeper today on the Mesa

Can't complain.. 2 pow days 


Fresh Pow 2015/2016 Day 1

 In the backyard on the Mesa.. Ryan Smith gettin jiggy!!



 So picked up the new Alpha boot yesterday.  I liked the stomper 2's last year a lot.  Tough boot.  I like the Alpha more.  The BOA design is so easy to use.  It's also a dual BOA.  So the top part of the boot tightens/loosens with the top dial, and the bottom part with the dial on the back of the boot.  This makes it a much nicer customized fit than the traditional one dial BOA I've used in the past.  The overall size of the Alpha boot is smaller.  As you can see in the pic.  The Stomper 2 in the pic is an 11, and the Alpha is a 12.  They fit the same size.  The stompers I had to always go down one size in the past, but the Alpha fits true to size like the rest of my boots/tennis shoes.  
The Alpha size 12 weighs 2lbs 9 1/2oz
The Stomper 2 size 11 weighs 3lbs 3 5/8oz
The Alpha feels a lot lighter though and the weight is more even over the entire boot.  Where as the Stomper 2 has most the weight in the base and in the toe area.  So when you are swinging your foot around, the pendulum effect on the alpha makes it feel much lighter than it really is.  
It takes a bit of twisting the dials to get the alpha on and fit tight, but to take them off takes all of a couple seconds by just pulling the dial out and releasing all the tension on the cable laces.  Overall a much more time saving design over your traditional laces.



BM Fab skinny boards for Proclimb

BM Fabs new skinny boards for the proclimb. Mac Grant Wyoboy1000 and I designed these.  Huge thanks to B&M for stepping up to the plate and making our vision a reality.  Only sucked panels in on one side for the snow show so people can see the difference from stock panel width.  Didn't fully rivet them on so they could be taken off next week for powder coat.  The foot well plates need to be cut as shown, and we had to drill new holes on the bottom to line them up.  Also need another hole drilled for the inside bolt on the top.  They are 1" higher on the outside rail.  We also did a 12-14 1/2 turn screw in the panel to suck the panels in even further and also allow the side panel to fit better.  We did minor trimming to the lower panel to snug against the outer board rail, and also on the inside where a notch on the panel hits the oil tank.  Call up Front Range ARCTIC CAT and pre order yours today.  Should be available in 3 weeks




Our friend Eric Rhoten is starting Pro @ Red Bull Romaniacs 2015!

Our good friend Eric Rhoten from Grand Mesa Motorsports is in Romania now and getting ready to rip it western Colorado style .. or should I say MOTOWN style?? !! Go buddy!!!!!!! Watch live on Red Bull ... can't wait!

Also, hard enduro races at Powderhorn this weekend!!!!


New weapon for 2016!? Snow bikes are here.

 Snow bikes are the hotness! We are adding one of these to the arsenal for 2016/2017!

Base: 2017 KTM 450 w/ Rekluse
Snow: 2017 Timbersled LT


Reagan Sieg on a Timbersled Snowbike - Slednecks 2014 from LightWorks Creative on Vimeo.



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