12.28.15 Ride 4.3 in the books

tough day...but we had snow. so we rode.

The Motorfist gear delivered again.  

Ryan is sporting his new Alpha jacket since the trees are now prime for banging. The new bullet proof Kelvar panels are wearing awesome especially in the extreme wear zones. The Alpha bibs share the same technolgy, lining the inside of the legs to combat the abuse delivered by the running boards and tunnel.


The entire alpha lineup is a new animal built for the serious tree rider.   Hoping to try the Alpha boot with BOA system soon, Ryan is raving about their super-light weight and industry 1st sole.   


 photo rs1228b_zps0ulq2ou4.jpg  photo rs1228a_zpscco3sdrb.jpg

 photo kestrel1228a_zps2e4avxnc.jpg

Heal up JP, we need our Team Leader back in the Lead position. RO


jp's picture

sick pics!

hahah you must mean the "b-team" team lead!! hahah have the '15 back running soon i hope.. in the meantime i need a hottub after that wreck 

RayOrr_blackswan's picture

great idea...

Since the wrenching & riding season has begun......
We might need a keg of beer next to that hottub.