Christmas update - Grand Mesa Backcountry - Ray Orr 12.23.2016

Ryan Briscoe @ryan_briscoe_2.0  photo ryan2 1 of 1_zpsbmagp24r.jpg ryan photo ryan3 1 of 1_zpsw0uldc4u.jpg Luke Kennedy @kennedy_726  photo luke 1 of 1_zpsu4jqkj26.jpg


JP Stoermer @stoermerjp  photo 1221JP 1 of 1_zpsge4jj6tl.jpgKestrel @kdickpitted  photo 1221kd7BW 1 of 1_zps1b5vo8hl.jpg  photo 1221kdfrost 1 of 1_zpsveb4sb2i.jpg


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i have to say.. that shot of Ryan Briscoe is my favorite. it is all time Ray

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4 left hand turns, Nice

4 left hand turns, Nice

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we are all kinda weird out here on the western slope.

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can't carve right...

but that's all the snow we have!.....if you carved to the right.... You'd would hit the cars in the parking lot...

Can't wait till meadow season is over, LOL!!!

Notice we don't have any handlebar deep pics like in Wyo/Colo.... So stop rubbing it in!!!

Ride on, WKS!!!!