12-24" of fresh. Great Saturday spring pow day

 Great day on the mountain with Jason, Andy, Ethan, and Pete.  Very localized storm.  Best snow was as high as you could get on the mountain.  16 M8000 ran like a champ.  I really enjoy this sled.  Can't wait till the 18 Mountain Cat is in the garage.  I rode an 850 Gen 4 today. I still feel the same way about Doo.  It's better than the XM but still feels unpredictable compared to my M8000 and Axys.  Not sure if it's a combo of the skis, T-motion, steering post or what.  Just can't ride it as smooth and clean as Cat or Poo.


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jealous !! i miss that spot and the late season goodness
awesome pics!

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Got a few lucky dumps this

Got a few lucky dumps this April. Much needed. Didnt even hit area j this year