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Short Clip on the axys turbo in the Snowies in January when the snow was still good


Nice trench by Jason Tamlyn on his stock 15 M8000 w/ barcode front end last weekend


1-14-17 Turbo Axys 3" powerclaw

NOCO 1-12-17. It takes a turbo to get these views

Rode with Andy Horne yesterday at the Lakes.  Super deep up there.  

Snowies 1-7-17

 Had to ride in 20 miles from my cabin cause of too much snow at 7500ft.  Only the 2nd time ever I've had to do that.  But that's a good thing!  About 2ft of fresh out of the storm at 9K ft.  Couldn't even get in further than that cause we were going to run out of gas.  Had a fun time doing some creek wheelies in the meadows on the turbo.

12/11/16 Snowies

 Deep and fun this weekend.  Full on tree riding.  New Cutler weights in the cat are great.  More responsive and just working better than the MDS weights did last year.  Primary was noticeably cooler. 

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