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Sidehilling w/ Mac Grant (Wyoboy1000) and Jordan Marrou (CO 2.0) 3-14-15

Northern Colorado Beauty 2-27-15


NOCO 2-22-15

 Great day with about 18" of fresh snow.  With Tom Kussard, Mac Grant (Wyoboy1000), and Andy Horne.  I have to say that the 3" powerclaw is a beast.

Can you say DEEEEEEEP!!! Snowies 2-3-15 with Tom Kussard

1/2 Day morning ride.  Was sick as fuck to say the least.


I SPOKE TOO SOON!!! Northern Colorado secret stash 2-1-15. 16" + of fresh.

 Snowies are getting hammered too right now.  They got 3ft already in spots with a ton more on the way!  Even Buff pass has good snow in the forecast. Taking Thursday off!!!

This year sucks. It's like 2012 all over again, but with no hope for the start of Feb. That is all. :(

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