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Northern CO 5-19-17. Deep at 9000ft

This rd is usually dirt at this spot.  This storm hit only certain areas hard, and this was one of them.  3-4ft of fresh.  Had to think east on this storm. Rode today Saturday as well one ridge to the south west of this area, and there was only 1/2 the snow at 11k ft.  2k ft higher. Great weekend with Matt Beck, Andy Horne, Tom Kussard, Mac Grant, and yours truely Jordan Marrou.  Love ending the season with deep powder


Snowies 4-29-17


12-24" of fresh. Great Saturday spring pow day

 Great day on the mountain with Jason, Andy, Ethan, and Pete.  Very localized storm.  Best snow was as high as you could get on the mountain.  16 M8000 ran like a champ.  I really enjoy this sled.  Can't wait till the 18 Mountain Cat is in the garage.  I rode an 850 Gen 4 today. I still feel the same way about Doo.  It's better than the XM but still feels unpredictable compared to my M8000 and Axys.  Not sure if it's a combo of the skis, T-motion, steering post or what.  Just can't ride it as smooth and clean as Cat or Poo.

After over 2 months, awesomeness finally came back

Best day of the year in Northern Colorado.  A turbo kind of day.  2ft+ of fresh pow.  Got into a new area that turned out to be the biggest area we've ever found in our zones.  White room face shots all day.  Hit it perfect.  Would have taken some better pics, but was too busy having fun for 6hrs.  Great day with Andy Horne, Jason Tamlyn, Matt Beck from Front Range Arctic Cat, and Ethan. 

Season is turning to shit quick

Yes we are above our normal snow pack by a good amount, but the quality of the snow has been mostly horrible this season.  We had a 6 week window of amazing snow from Mid December through the end of January.  Horrible late start to the season. Non-existent February, just like last year.  Would have been ok if it didn't get so damn warm.  Had to hit every little snow storm right away like it was a spring storm.  At least last year it dumped in March through May.  This year is looking like a total bust in March as well.  With only around 7 weeks of possible pow rides from late March, till the season ends.  Sigh... hard to stay optimistic.  Better drink some more beer or road trip it up north.

Short Clip on the axys turbo in the Snowies in January when the snow was still good


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