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A Lakes May 1st - Day 37

 Awesome 7hr ride with some other Snowest members.  Wyoboy1000, shelbwyo, & Goinboarding.  Great group of guys and all can rip.  I think there were no fresh tree lines once we were done in there lol.  Snow was nice and light in the a.m. and got heavy in the afternoon.  Got warm up there later.  2ft, bluebird, and no wind = happy happy happy


Tons of fresh late season pow in Northern Colorado

 Went up Sunday with Jason.   Total whiteout.  Storm was dumping on just a very localized spot.  A good 18-20" in the trees.  Less in the open.  Jason might have totaled his M1000.  Barely got it out with a bent steering post, blown rear suspension, front shock, cracked bulkhead, and motor issues.  BDX made up some modified XM spindles for their proclimb front end for me.  Gonna take some more clearancing and modding on my part especially on the bottom front where it meets the ski rubber.  Ski/rubber sold me out pretty good and pinned my ski up in behind my evol chamber on the front shock.  Also new revalved kashima evol shocks done by Toms Snowmobile need adjusting and checked next ride.  All four shocks were 25psi lower than what I had them set at when I got back.


18" of Fresh in Northern Colorado

Hit it Perfect after the storm Monday AM with Tom Kussard and Jason Tamlyn.  Hope to get one more deep day before the season ends.  After riding my narrowed & BDX '14 Proclimb this season,  gonna have to say goodbye to a great old friend after this season with my '10 M8.  Especially since the warranty is up on her next Feb.  The old iron gave me 3500 miles of some of the best memories of my life.  Snowchecked a '15 Proclimb Sno Pro black/green 153 today.  Would like to get back on another Polaris Pro but just can't get over the motor problems I've had in the past with them.  Will wait for the 2016's most likely when they get a better motor and new chassis.   Have the '14 Proclimb in the shop right now getting a full makeover on the air suspension thanks to Toms Snowmobile in CA.  

Having some fun in the Snowies

Snowy Range clip from 3-19-14 Bluebird and tons of fresh pow

End of Feb Clip - Cam

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