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NoCO sledding 12/30/12

tagged a rock shortly after this pic.  Took out both upper and lower Zbroz a arms, tie rods,
 and raptor shock.  Not a fun ride out but we did find some good snow.  

Deep at Buff 12-28-12

Wyoming - Day 3

Good ride Saturday 11-17-12 up in WY.  Was able to dip some shoulders.  Deeper than we expected.  If only Mother Nature would dump on top of this...we would be set.


Day 2! Solo ride up by Red Feather. Put on over 15miles. Grabbed lots of throttle, and even made a few turns!

Had the itch, so I scratched.  ;)

First tracks in the USA 10-14-12

13" on snotel.  Rough rocky road ride.  JP & I might have jumped the gun a bit, but you never know unless you go!  Lets hope this is the start of a deep snow season!!!



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