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Great snow in NOCO

 Went up Sat with Jason.  Great day with over 16" of fresh snow in spots on top of a hard base.  Snowed last night too so it's definitely still good up there.  With more snow in the forecast this week I might have to take a day off work.  Love spring snow! 

Spring time in the Snowy Range

 Had a great ride Friday/Sat in the Snowies with Jason Tamlyn.  Despite the spring hard/slush snow conditions and variable weather, we made the most of it and had a blast.  Actually took 5 minutes out of our weekend to take a few quality actions shots this season.  These are the conditions where the Polaris Pro RMK really shows why its the best chassis on the snow.  Hopefully we get one more good dump this year!



Great Tuesday in Nothern Colorado

 Went up to Cam tuesday and got a ride in for a couple hrs.  Found some new terrain.  Kissed my handlebars on a dip I didn't see going 35mph.  Took a chunk out my tongue.  Good times.  Didn't get any pics up top but the snow was still good, especially in the north facing trees.  Took one pic down low, nothing special.  Would take more exciting pics this year, but too busy RIDING when we're in the good stuff.  Looks like my carbides need replaced!

Still good snow in NOCO

Lots of great snow still Saturday up near Vagabond Ranch in Northern CO.  Met a great group of guys who rode with us most the day.  Even got to try out their '13 XM and '12 XP with Tmotion and flex edge.  Smooth powerful motors, but I'm still not used to those chassis'.  Stick with what works for you I guess.  The transition from my modded M8 to my pro is very easy, and I can put either sled anywhere I want on the mountain.   Tried the SLT skis today on the M8.  Acutally like them better than the powder pros.  More predictable.  The 2.6" powerclaw killed it again today.  I love this track.  Until Polaris comes out with a new motor/chassis for 2015, or I am wow'd by Cat with the '14 Proclimb on a demo ride, then I'll stick with what I have and has been proven to work for me.  Only snapped a couple pics but got Jason's stick trying to follow my asshole trench/line. Saw Kaleb Timberlake for the first time in years on the way out by random.  It was retard day on the drive down.  Guy driving 10mph max with 20 cars stacked up behind him.  No one passes and no one pulls off.  Unbelievable who they give drivers licenses to...

20" of fresh pow and bluebird in Northern Colorado

 Took Mark Heck up Sunday.  His first ride this season after selling his sled last fall.  He did great on the Polaris pro coming off an 08 XP.  Today was probably the best conditions of the season.  20" of fresh pow, bluebird, no wind, and a great base underneith.  We hit it perfect.  I'm guessing this will be the last of the winter base as temps this week will reach mid 40's and make it rock hard.

Area J

 Deep day.  Nothing broken.  Crazy creek climb.  Today was great.

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