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Winter is coming

Top of Trail Ridge Rd RMNP
 Won't be long now boys!

Never say die

 Got out and did a solo day in the Snowies today.   Did some pulls up lake marie climb.  Snow is about done though.  Still had fun.  Now the wait until next season.  Lots of golf and fishing now.  Honeymoon next week in Maui with my wife


Nice end of the season ride

 Got up to American Lakes for a nice ride to end the season.  May go up to Snowies when they open Hwy 130 or possibly just call it now.  Had a great day with my buddy Bill Champion.  Even had a few snow showers fall on us.  Got to break in the new Cat 800 motor.  Put on about 28 miles.  Very happy with the way this spring gave us some awesome snow up north.  Hope there are some good early dumps next season!


Unreal up in NOCO!

Pushing 30" + of fresh blower pow over the hood on the way in on May 1st?  Priceless...  This road was plowed to dirt last week.  Go get it NOW!
Blew another stock 2010+ m8 motor on the ride in (1150 miles). Thankfully there is always a backup.  

Deepest Weekend of the Year in Northern Colorado

 Got out Saturday 4/20 with Jason.  Unreal ride with 4ft + of fresh snow.  It surprisingly snowed a foot Friday night, which made for a nice top layer of blower pow.  We busted our asses getting into one of our favorite areas.  Between the two of us we got buried around 20 times.  That's a lot of digging.  Still feeling it today.  Well worth it!  Jason agrees that he needs to ditch his used up stock 2.25 powerclaw and get a 2.6 PC.  
Stay off the big slopes guys.  Avy danger is sky high right now.  



Deep out there

 This recent snow storm did wonders for the snow pack.  Great day Thursday with Jason Barcus.  Tore it up all day and got back to the truck on fumes.  My kind of ride.

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