Backcountry Gear: Illuminati Bryan Iguchi Pro

Picked up a 157.5 Illuminati Bryan Iguchi snowboard from the Ill23 shop out in Jackson Hole, Wy. I have 3 days on this board and it is not even close to broken in, but first impressions are great as I've had will all Illuminati boards. These decks will make you a better rider. Holds an edge and turns on a dime, super stiff and stable, kills the chop. Stiffer than my 04/05 Illuminati Hybricon both boards rip and have tons of pop. If your in the market for a really bomber board that is designed well, rides killer switch, and will slay any big mountain terrain you put in front of it - check out this years illuminati boards handmade in Jackson Hole, Wy. NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM

"The Hybrid Conspiracy lives on. We make our boards ride responsive and strong through quality and innovative design. We don't use carbon in our boards because carbon breaks down quickly. Our boards get there unique strength and pop through core profiling hybrid construction. Our Hybrid shape retains a 1/4 cap on top of the sidewall which increases tortional stiffness. This eliminates the need for carbon."

All Illuminati Snowboards are manufactured using the high quality materials.

· Sintered Base material
· ABS sidewall material
· Tip to tail Poplar Wood cores
· 24 Stainless Steel inserts
· 5 digit serial number
· Sublimated top
· Triaxel fiberglass
· Rubber foil
· Fully wrapped steel edges

Guch Exlclusive * 22 oz. Triax for stiffer ride! Guch Pro @

Wyoming Backcountry: Jackson Hole Update

1/14/06 - Togwotee Pass - SNOWING - Jordan and I made it up to Togwotee Pass a little bit late to hike "two oceans" on the drive into Jackson Hole. Tons of snow everywhere and a storm parked over the Tetons we were eager to get to the house and relax for the up coming pow fest. We'll get this on the way back.

1/15/06 - Teton Pass - Chivers Ridge - SNOWING - Jordan and I broke trail up "Chivers Ridge" early Sunday morning. After a short 30 minute hike you are on top of the ridge line with some sweet powder fields and open trees. We dropped down the ridge and headed to the traverse back to the hitch hike spot near the town of Wilson. We hiked a few laps and rode super deep Wyoming powder. Met a few cool locals, Meagan and Jill while breaking trail back out for another lap. Check out Meagan's site,

1/16/06 - Jackson Hole Resort - BLUEBIRD - The whole crew went over to Jackson for the day and it was rad. We did a tour of the mountain and hit some really nice backcountry lines out of the access gates. We hit Rock Springs and Four Pines area near Cody Peak. Unlimited waist deep powder turns back to the resort.

1/17/06 - Teton Pass - Chivers Ridge - SNOWING - We went back to hike "Chivers Ridge and Titty Mouse Ridge" today. Again we rode endless powder under greybird skies.

1/18 /06 - Jackson Hole Resort - SNOWING 9"+ - We got in line at the Gondola around 8:15am and it was packed. Gearing up for a huge powder day at Jackson everyone was out in force. The group got split up and Jordan, Adam, D, and myself rode the rest of the day. We found tons of sweet rock pillows, tons of powder, cliff drops, endless great terrain. Near the end of the day the pow was getting really choppy and tracked out.

Colorado Backcountry: Site Updates

You might have noticed a large increase in the speed and reliability of the site lately. We bought a hosting package from and it kicks ass! In under 12 hours,,, databases, and all DNS was completely moved. The new servers are sweet, and the plan is really nice. 20GB disk, unlimited MySQL, apple streaming server, 1TB of bandwidth a month, tons of goodies, and monthly increasing disk and bandwidth quotas. Dreamhost is highly recommended and if your interested please use the link above and get us some hosting discounts when you sign up.

Other changes, we've gotten some of the videos setup in iTunes as video podcasts. It's great to be able to download this stuff to your iPod. also provides a podcast feed and it has some sweet footage and really cool google earth footy. Check us out in iTunes!

All the videos have been uploaded to Google's kick ass video hosting service. Only draw back is it sometimes takes a week or two before your video becomes live. A human reviews all videos before they go into the pool. Great streaming service where you can charge for content if you want. W.K.S. Videos @ Google

Keep an eye out for updates from Jackson Hole, WY... if we can find internet access. Enjoy!

Colorado Backcountry: Loveland Pass - Dave’s Wave

Photo: Alex M. Rider: Dave, JP Location: Sheep Creek - Loveland Pass

We find ourselves at Loveland Pass again bright and early Saturday. Mike and I did a few hitch hike laps and found some great snow in the less traveled areas. The main chutes on the pass and main bowls are very tracked out and very wind blown. The last storm looked like it erased a lot more of the snow base, as we saw tree stumps and rocks not seen since late Oct. We shuttled the good areas on the front side and later met up with Ffej, Mark and Mark from Keystone. We decided to take a hike out the east ridge around toward Arapahoe Basin and hit Dave's Wave. Dave's Wave is a sweet backcountry run with a rad over hanging cornice most of the way down. You can jump off the cornice multiple times and the terrain forms a real nice natural half pipe down to the trees. Once in the trees we were rewarded with completely untracked deep powder and a few nice cliff drops. Ffej airs first, me next, landing in his bomb hole I end up tomahawking after the landing. Sweet! We make it back down to the Arapahoe basin lot and start hitch hiking back up, at this point we run into DrrrtyD and Meisha.. we traverse out to the ironing board and find a nice hip style jump with great landing, we all start throwing front side 3's and even some cab 3's. After hanging out here for a while, we shuttle a few more laps with them and decide to head to the bar. The snow was OK, but lots of wind and sun has killed the deep soft powder conditions. Probably won't be riding until Jackson Hole, WY next week. I'll be back in 10 days or so.

Colorado Backcountry: Loveland Pass - Gilbralter

berthoud booter lines
berthoud booter lines
Photo: Dave B. Rider: JP Location: Gibralter Rock Drop

Loveland Pass - 01.01.05 - (right click - save as)
Loveland Pass - 01.01.05 - (Mirror Link)

Colorado Backcountry: Vail Pass

Photo: Dave B. Rider: JP Location: Vail Pass

Dave (iskibc), RJ and I met up at Vail Pass on Friday before sunrise. The last adventure the 3 of us went on was the first day of the season this year (Jones Pass) after the huge dump in October. Looking like another epic adventure we geared up and hit the trail. We made our way up the snowmobile access road and near the top broke east for those sweet cliffs and pillows above Vail Pass Lakes. Dave is a very strong backcountry skier and hiker, he broke trail most of the way and found us a nice spot to break before our first line. You can see from the video that there is plenty of snow around, we found a couple feet of powder on most lines. We took turns dropping this steep section with small pillows and cliffs, landings were complete whiteroom. We started a nice skin track back up the ridge to the top, on the way up we noticed a sweet face that looked pretty safe. We decided to track it up and set up basecamp here for a while. Probably 4-5 laps later we moved on down the ridge to some steeper untracked areas. We took turns taking laps, hitting fresh lines and filming each other from a couple of different cameras and angles. Around 3pm, snow started to fall.. we had one more line in mind and made our way back up. After shredding said line, weather was starting to turn and so we dropped and started to make our way down to the pass lakes. Still a few miles of hiking to get back to the cars, we are spent. It was a long day with lots of deep powder turns, fun drops and steeps. This is a great spot to go backcountry skiing or snowboarding, although it is a lot work if your like me and don't use a split board. According to Dave's GPS we logged around 9 miles total.

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