Backcountry Gear: Illuminati Bryan Iguchi Pro

Picked up a 157.5 Illuminati Bryan Iguchi snowboard from the Ill23 shop out in Jackson Hole, Wy. I have 3 days on this board and it is not even close to broken in, but first impressions are great as I've had will all Illuminati boards. These decks will make you a better rider. Holds an edge and turns on a dime, super stiff and stable, kills the chop. Stiffer than my 04/05 Illuminati Hybricon both boards rip and have tons of pop. If your in the market for a really bomber board that is designed well, rides killer switch, and will slay any big mountain terrain you put in front of it - check out this years illuminati boards handmade in Jackson Hole, Wy. NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM

"The Hybrid Conspiracy lives on. We make our boards ride responsive and strong through quality and innovative design. We don't use carbon in our boards because carbon breaks down quickly. Our boards get there unique strength and pop through core profiling hybrid construction. Our Hybrid shape retains a 1/4 cap on top of the sidewall which increases tortional stiffness. This eliminates the need for carbon."

All Illuminati Snowboards are manufactured using the high quality materials.

· Sintered Base material
· ABS sidewall material
· Tip to tail Poplar Wood cores
· 24 Stainless Steel inserts
· 5 digit serial number
· Sublimated top
· Triaxel fiberglass
· Rubber foil
· Fully wrapped steel edges

Guch Exlclusive * 22 oz. Triax for stiffer ride! Guch Pro @