Colorado Update: Winter Is Back!

The snow gods have been very good to us the last couple of weeks. Over the weekend of Nov. 5th-6th we recieved a huge dump of about 15" setting up a nice base on top of the snow fall from October. On top of the previous week's wetter snowfall, Summit County and the surrounding resorts recieved almost 40" of fresh powder. Starting Nov. 12th, Loveland Resort was reporting 5" new at 10,500ft. The 13th, came with another 8" fresh and lots of wind. The 14th another 8" dropped over night and we rode beautiful bluebird knee deep conditions at the Pass. Yesterday, we woke to another 10" fresh on the slopes and very cold temps. Took Tuesday off and went up to Copper Mountain, with clear skies and summit temperatures of 7 degrees F, the powder was super light and blower. We did lap after lap on the Excelerator in deep powder, the crowds weren't very bad at all because it was so cold. Happy to report that Copper has top to bottom skiing open with many trails and acerage open. The park is stil the same as last week with a bigger quarter pipe. Winter Park, Breckenridge, Keystone, Loveland, and Arapahoe Basin are all reporting new terrain and lift openings after this weekends storm. Most resorts are reporting almost 40" base and its only November! Our original plans were to head to the Pass yesterday and get some more backcountry in but CDOT never opened the gates.

Colorado Backcountry: Avalanche Conditions

Loveland Pass - CDOT Avy Blast [Video/]

Loveland pass was closed all day today due to avalanche danger. The storm over Colorado has produced heavy snow and lots of wind. Sustained gusts of up to 45 mph on Loveland pass record by the CAIC weather station. Backcountry users should be very careful in the up coming days and keep careful eye on the large wind load slabs forming. Bring your gear and wear your beacons.

Due to the pass closed, we ended up riding at Loveland Resort. The wind was bad but the snow and crowds were great. No waiting in line, they had Chair #2 up and running but it was winding as hell up near the summit. Chair #1 is running as well and we had lots of fresh snow to shred all day. Around 9:30am, patrol lifted the ropes on Knix Knox and we had a few laps of really deep heavy pow.

By close of day, Arapahe Basin reports 14", Copper 13", Loveland 12", and these reports came in at 2:00pm MST. Breckenridge and Keystone are also open with plenty of fresh snow. Tomorrow should be pretty sick snowboarding.

Check video clip link above, it shows Loveland Pass early as we wait for CDOT and crew to blast the Seven Sisters chutes.

berthoud booter lines

Colorado Winter: Photo Spread & Colorado Update

Colorado Update

Date: 11/4/05-11/6/05

Colorado Backcountry: Arapahoe Basin & Pass Smoke Shack

Arapahoe Basin / Pass Smoke Shack

Location: Arapahoe Basin / Pass Smoke Shack
People: AKD, JP, Alex, Tyler
Duration: Oct29 8am - Oct30 3pm

Arapahoe Basin/Pass Smoke Shack [Video/]
(parts filmed in low light - turn up brightness)

The weekend was perfect, expect for the snow. AKD and I setup camp at Arapahoe Basin early Saturday morning and got breakfast. Around 8:30am some snow started to enter the valley just as first chair was heading up. We got in line and soon we were on our way up the mountain. The 500ft of vertical or so that they have open isn't bad, but get at it early. By noon we were waiting almost 45 minutes per lap. Around 1pm we decided to head over to the bar and start drinking, ran into Mac and crew up on the balcony and had a few beers. The crowds of gapers were difficult to deal with so we decided to call it a day and part ways. I hiked up to the terrain park with the video camera to mess around and get some shots. Mac, D, Pin Pin Mark, Sarah, and JT were in the park so that gave me a chance to play with the new camera a bit.

Colorado Backcountry: Radiobeacon Mountain - Rollins Pass

Radiobeacon Mountain

Location: Radiobeacon Mtn, Rollins Pass, Forest Lakes Cirque
Riders: JP, Alex
Start: 10am - 4pm (at car)

The day trip started kinda late compared to normal adventures, but I met Alex up at his house in Coal Creek Hieghts around 8am. He cooked up a quick breakfast and we decided on checking out Rollins Pass. Much less snow then Jones Pass we were happy to four wheel the cruiser all the way back to Forest Lake trailhead and lakes. Searching out the window for some good snow we almost settled on a small patch above Yankee Doodle lake, but ventured on and found a nice stash off the north pitch of Radiobeacon.

berthoud booter lines

We set off downhill, bushwhacking our way toward the snow. The hike was pretty nice and we made it to the north base/forest lakes area of Radiobeacon in an hour and a half. From there we decided to boot pack up to a small snow filled couloir that was hidden from the road. We took a few laps in spring like conditions under beautiful bluebird skies. On the decesent, we headed a bit further south and ended up below the southern ridge of Radiobeacon. This snow field was the destination and after 1 lap we were done. Got in maybe 20 or so good turns and it started to get way patchy.

Colorado Backcountry: Jones Pass / Butler Gulch

Jones Pass - Butler Gulch

Location: Jones Pass Cirque
Riders: JP, iskibc, Kya, RJ
Start: 6am - 4pm (at car)

The anticipation started early monday as I was sitting in my office watching the storm dump over most of colorado. Loveland Pass reported almost a foot and a half and some spots in the northern central rockies got more then two and half feet. I knew the following day tour would be epic, if not brutal.

Jones Pass - Oct. Storm [Video Clip/Sound.wmv]

I met up with some backcountry skier friends from TGR in empire at 6am. The previous day we decided on doing a Jones Pass - Butler Gulch super tour. We rolled out of empire on the way to henderson mine, we decide to push it and see how far we could four wheel the trucks up the Jones Pass road in 20" deep snow. We made it almost to tree line before getting RJ's 4runner stuck in a ditch off the side of the pass road.

GPS Route & Waypoints

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