Wyoming Backcountry: Jackson Hole Update

1/14/06 - Togwotee Pass - SNOWING - Jordan and I made it up to Togwotee Pass a little bit late to hike "two oceans" on the drive into Jackson Hole. Tons of snow everywhere and a storm parked over the Tetons we were eager to get to the house and relax for the up coming pow fest. We'll get this on the way back.

1/15/06 - Teton Pass - Chivers Ridge - SNOWING - Jordan and I broke trail up "Chivers Ridge" early Sunday morning. After a short 30 minute hike you are on top of the ridge line with some sweet powder fields and open trees. We dropped down the ridge and headed to the traverse back to the hitch hike spot near the town of Wilson. We hiked a few laps and rode super deep Wyoming powder. Met a few cool locals, Meagan and Jill while breaking trail back out for another lap. Check out Meagan's site, www.raskolink.com

1/16/06 - Jackson Hole Resort - BLUEBIRD - The whole crew went over to Jackson for the day and it was rad. We did a tour of the mountain and hit some really nice backcountry lines out of the access gates. We hit Rock Springs and Four Pines area near Cody Peak. Unlimited waist deep powder turns back to the resort.

1/17/06 - Teton Pass - Chivers Ridge - SNOWING - We went back to hike "Chivers Ridge and Titty Mouse Ridge" today. Again we rode endless powder under greybird skies.

1/18 /06 - Jackson Hole Resort - SNOWING 9"+ - We got in line at the Gondola around 8:15am and it was packed. Gearing up for a huge powder day at Jackson everyone was out in force. The group got split up and Jordan, Adam, D, and myself rode the rest of the day. We found tons of sweet rock pillows, tons of powder, cliff drops, endless great terrain. Near the end of the day the pow was getting really choppy and tracked out.

1/19/06 - Teton Pass - Chivers Ridge & Twin Slides - BLUEBIRD - Today Jordan, Josh, Rob and myself went up for first tracks on Chivers Ridge. We got that and decided to head up the Glory Bowl boot pack and rip down "Twin Slides". After a nasty 50 minute hike we were back at the top in some sort of cloud. We waited a few minutes and decided to drop, 1500ft of untracked steep powder lines in and open bowl back down to the car. Probably the best run of the season so far.

1/20/06 - Day Off

1/21/06 - Teton Pass - Chivers Ridge & Twin Slides - SNOWING 10"+ - Jordan and I had first tracks on "Chivers Ridge and Twin Slides" again today. Tons of snow and powder everywhere, snow pack was pretty stable in the morning. We hit Twin Slides again and it was probably one of the top 5 runs I've ever taken. We drove out of Jackson today and stopped at the ranch in Riverton, Wy for the night.