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Colorado Backcountry: Radiobeacon, Forest Lakes Cirque - Rollins Pass

Rollins Pass - Radiobeacon 06/24/2006

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Andy, Lawrence and I met up in Boulder for a mellow day up on Rollins Pass. The goal of the day was to drive as far possible on Rollins Pass Road and make our way to Radiobeacon. The pass road was snowed in at Yankee Doodle Lake making the short one or two mile hike up the road to Forest Lake Cirque a breeze.

After a short discussion we picked out our line and started the bushwhack. We ended up climbing these two shorter couloirs with an enterance right off the ridge of Radiobeacon -- once at the top of the climb we continued out of the couloir up the snowfield on Radiobeacon's ridge.

After a short lunch we dropped into nice soft corn and wide open turns down to the enterance to the couloir and a small choke. Inside the first couloir the snow was very consolidated and firm, only the top inch or so was soft making it almost like a no fall zone.

Colorado Backcountry: Cameron Pass - Lake Agnes - Mt. Mahler Couloirs

Mahler Couloirs - The Line

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This last weekend we opted for an easy approach and exit so we made our way up Cameron Pass to Lake Agnes. Happy to see the gate to Agnes trail head open we paid the US forest Service fee and drove all the way to the cabin. The destination was the couloirs off of Mt. Mahler over looking Lake Agnes.

Lake Agnes - Mt. Mahler

We hoofed up the trail about a mile or so to the lake and decided on the approach options, we skirted the southeast side of the lake and boot packed our way up the snow field and saddle between Mt. Mahler and Mt. Richthofen. Once at the top of the saddle we had a beautiful view into the heart of the Never Summer range. The Never Summers are one of my favorite ranges here in Colorado. Dave and I continued up toward the summit of Mahler looking for a good way into the chutes. Unable to drop into our first line we discussed options like tunneling through the cornice, but it was soon realized that if that was successful we would be stuck under some gnarly hangfire on a 60 degree slope -- not the safest. We made our way further along the ridge line and finally Dave spotted a place where we could drop in. Accessing this couloir was a bit of an issue as we had to down climb a cliff and then make our way back up to the enterance.


Colorado Backcountry: The Tale of a Knuckledragger, a Free-Heelin’ Hippy, and The Know-It-All AT Skier

I'm very proud to present our second guest author and newest member of empire. Dave (iskibc) rips and doesn't take names -- so watch out. We recently completed a really fun and gnarly trip to Rocky Mountain National Park for some backcountry action. You can read Dave's account of the trip here. Be sure and check out the video, it's full of funny bushwhacking moments and lots of sweet turns down some of the steepest terrain in the park. Dave and Lacey pretty much rip.

Also, check out Dave's new blog! -- I've heard rumors of a Mt. Democrat trip and I'm sure he'll be posting the details soon.

McHenrys Notch Couloir, McHenrys Peak 13,327’
jonpierre, iskibc, Lacey

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Colorado Backcountry: Exposure on Mt. Evans

Mt. Evans Massif - Descents in Orange, Downclimb Red

Colorado Backcountry: New Mt. Trelease and Citadel Pictures

The Crew

Citadel - Big Mountain

JP - Toeside Surf


Fritz and Jeremy - Cornice Drop

Colorado Backcountry: Summit Everest? Most Selfish Act On Earth?

Is climbing Mt. Everest most selfish act on earth? From the looks of the latest news reports this seems to be the case. Reports of thefts at camp, impossible solo attempts, and even reports of 40+ climbers stepping over and walking past a dieing fellow climber in pursuit of the summit.

I've been pretty interested in all of these current Mt. Everest expeditions and I've been following some of the teams pretty closely. I have been especially interested in the ski descent of the Great Couloir or Norton, unfortunately this team has also suffered great lose when one of the members fell while rappelling down a 50ft cliff section around 8500 meters. Mt. Everest Ski Accident

Check out some of the links and reports below for details on the crazy behavior going down during some of these Everest expeditions. Brazilian Vitor Negrete Lost On Everest After No O2 Summit, Everest Fatality Silence Mystery Solved: British David Sharp Left To Die By 40 Climbers, Chinese Everest Official Reaches New Rock Bottom Level - Forgets 3 Deaths. Current news and more information available at and

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