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Colorado Backcountry: September Turns - Ptarmigan Glacier - Rocky Mountain National Park

iskibc is an excellent photog, check out his amazing pictures and trip report. TGR Report

Colorado Backcountry: Phazer Mountain Lite Pictures

2007 has turned into the year of the snowmobile for the crew.

Here are the latest photos of the 2007 Yamaha Phazer Mountain Lite. Look for a full review once I can get the thing out on some white gold, until then......

a new sled is born:

waiting for snow:

dropping off alex's rx-1 mountain:

Colorado Backcountry: iskibc’s Year In Review Video - 05/06

Check out iskibc's Year In Review video. Tons of deep powder riding from the Colorado crew. Backcountry locations include Jones Pass, Vail Pass, Gore Range, Summit County, Loveland Pass, Berthoud Pass and more! Lots of suffering via the 10 mile traverse, cliff drops, hucks, hut bombs, pow turns and even a snowmobile or two.

Year In Review (right click - save as)

Colorado Backcountry: E. Rollins Pass - Skyscraper Glacier - 07.22.06

E. Rollins Pass to Skyscraper Glacier - 07.22.06

Skyscraper Photo Set @ Flickr

Andy, Dave and I met up in Boulder early on Saturday with a general plan to head toward Rollins Pass and hit any lines we could find. We made our way up the 4x4 road past Yankee Doodle lake to the dead end near Needle Eye tunnel. We didn't see any worth while lines on the east side of the pass so we decide to bushwhack over the top toward King Lake, Skyscraper and the parking lot on the Winter Park side.

Once at the top of the ridge we are happy to find a few different options:

King Lake:

Skyscraper Glacier:

We decided to drop into the drainage next to King Lake and hike over to Skyscraper Glacier from there and start the climb up. We had a few nice warm up turns on a small patch near King Lake:

Andy on the warm up patch:


After a few quick turns we started the slog over to the base of Skyscraper Glacier:

Dave starts the climb:

Andy and Dave coming up:

Colorado Backcountry: Slednecks - 2007 Yamaha Phazer Mountain Lite

I've been looking for a few years now and the day has come! I bought a 2007 Yamaha Phazer Mountain Lite sled last week! I won't be able to put my fingers on it for another month or so because they haven't even been completed at the factory yet. This is the first sled I've owned and it's going to make for a wonderful season I'm sure. I went with the Yamaha because of the 4 stroke engine technology and the sled's light weight. It's a deep powder sled with 144" track, 2" paddles and an 80HP 4 stroke power plant. Low pollution and quiet engines work well in the backcountry.

"These design goals allowed the Yamaha engineers to develop a very nimble package. They began with adapting their proven dirt bike engine technology into a unique, lightweight 2-cylinder engine and proceeded to build the sled around it. The compact chassis is constructed with their exclusive Controlled Flow die casting technology that allowed them to build a very rigid chassis without a lot of weight. That rigidity allowed the suspension engineers to develop a very precise handling suspension setup."

"Yamaha’s fourth objective was to build a sled that was fun to ride; for everyone, from novice riders to experienced veterans. Not “kid fun” like a 20 hp one-lunger, but the kind of fun you can go out and enjoy with anyone. The Phazer is light and nimble with a broad and user-friendly power band that you can’t help but have fun on it. Yamaha wants to expand the market and appeal to newer, younger buyers and this sled will do that."

Snowtech Magazine Review

Colorado Backcountry: Peak C, CC Rider Couloir, Gore Range 7.13.06-7.15.06 by iskibc

Peak C, CC Rider Couloir, Gore Range 7.13.06-7.15.06
by iskibc (iskibc's blog)
photos: iskibc (iskibc's blog)

Location: Peak C--Mt. Powell Basin, Northern Gore Range
When: 7.13.06-7.15.06
What: CC Rider Couloir, Peak C and Powell Basin snowfields
Stats: 13.5 miles, 7,000' vert climbed, 87 mosquito bites, 12 goats acting as guides, and 2 summits.

12 minute long vid JP shot from the trip, 'save as':

The heart of the Gore Range is by far one of the most beautiful. lush, rugged, remote, and tranquil spots in all of Colorado. The majority of the peaks in the Gore are nameless on USGS maps and many of them don't have trails or even cairns leading up to the summits. The Gore is a Mecca for backpackers seeking solitude, skiers seeking steep and technical lines, and mountaineers looking for new challenges. Peak C and Mt. Powell stand at the northern end of what locals call, "ripsaw ridge", a narrow and super rugged ridgeline extending several miles along the Gore. Here's a small photo of part of the ridgeline:

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