Colorado Backcountry: BP/LP

Saturday morning Red and I met up for some shreddin up at Mary Jane. No real new snow in a while we went straight for the Timberline lift. Crowds weren't too bad until about noon, we did laps here and in the bowl all day. Down on Larkspur we found some almost fresh powder in the trees. (look here for stashes) Bored of MJ and the gapers we decided to head up to BP for some hiking and booter hittin. We made our way up the west face to this nice sized booter about midway, messed around here for a while and decided to hike the summit and drop into Current Creek. Surprised we found some nice untracked lines back down to the highway.


Colorado Snow Conditions: Copper Mountain

Went up to Copper (again) on Saturday and it was pretty sick. No real new snow in a week and half, I was still able to make some fresh turns. As soon as the backside opened up I dropped down into Spalding bowl for some quick laps. Near the Resolution lift the snow is getting really thin, so I decided to make my way back towards Tucker Mountain. From the top of Union Peak near the top of the Mountain Chief lift I started hiking along the ridge line towards Tucker Mountain. After about 20 minutes I reached the resort boundary and decided it was time for a smoke. Chillin right at the top of "The Nacho" I started my descent, I was able to do 3 or 4 laps here with all fresh turns. Copper had the Tucker Mountain snowcat up and running so I took a few laps on that as well. It picks you up just above the base of the Mountain Chief lift and takes you to the drop off spot at the top of Tucker Mountain. The Fremont Glades were off the hook. Lots of pow.....

This week should be pretty straight for shredding, most resorts north of I70 got 6-8" of fresh. Eldora near Boulder got almost 2 ft over the last 2 days. We need more!

Colorado Backcountry: Loveland Pass Hippie Jib

Loveland Pass - hippie jib 2

Thinking about hitting this sick little tree jib we found up on Loveland Pass sometime this weekend. Also, the "Malay" kinker rail has been moved down from the summit to the first switch back jib park near the East Portal. Early season there wasn't enough snow to get it up and slideable.. now i think its a different story. I would also like to get back there and start setting up the rainbow. Who's coming with me?

Loveland Pass - hippie jib

Utah Snow Conditions: Park City, Solitude, Canyons


Got back into town Monday from Park City, Utah. Had a great trip, spent a lot of time riding at the Park City resorts and a few up in Big Cottonwood canyon. All in all it was a good trip and dose of reality with the huge Canyons avalanche.

Solitude Warning

Colorado Backcountry: Berthoud Pass


With almost 35" of new snow over the last 4 days, Mary Jane was banging. The crowds were kept to a minimum due to the strong winds and blowing snow on the summit, so I went straight for the Timberline lift. Spent most of the day here doing laps in the trees carving out fresh pow turns, lots of deep fluffy stuff to be found. The bottom half of the mountain was pretty crowded so I made my way over to the C lift, found some really killer pow in the trees near DeRailer, sessioned the steeps and chutes on that side of MJ for the rest of the day. Found some pretty sweet little hits and jumps and even a log slide heading down the cat walk back to the MJ parking lots.

Next week I will be in Park City Utah, they have been getting hammered lately. Not as bad as Tahoe, but I'll take what I can get. We are planning on shredding 3 or 4 days out there at Canyons, Powder Mountain, Solitude, or Park City. Think Snow!

Colorado Snow Conditions: Mary Jane


Another sick day at Mary Jane, with 20" fresh over the last 2 days the powder was epic. AKD and I pulled into the Dotsero Junction lot just before 8am and found almost a foot of fluffy stuff outside the car. Watching the lot fill up quickly we made our way down Summit Express for the ride up. So stoked, we ripped fresh lines for a few hours on the groomers, then set off for the trees. Once there we found more and more untracked freshies. Next we went over to the back side of Jane and did laps near Wildwood Glade, this area has great snow and nicely spaced trees. Under the C chair we found a nice booter and some killer pow, also check out Bluebell for some nice rollers and hits. The intrawest bastards decided not to open up Timberline lift today, only god knows why?

It must of been find the tv star day or something, cause we found Landon. While standing in the lift line we noticed Landon from MTV's Real World next to us. He was out snowboarding with friends from Colorado, looking pretty steeezy. J/K. We said whats up and made sure he wasn't drunkenly assaulting any little mountain animals and parted ways. Surf this URL for a kick: Real World Star Assaults Horse

He was a cool guy and wasn't too bad on the old snurfer. Yea, so you get the idea. All in all it was a pretty trippy day.

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