Powder day then shreadfest...

Spring gives us so many options here in Colorado. I recommend you try them all!

Thursday..whiteout.. New 850 Ski Doo testing.

 photo 20160331-_DSC4070_zpsb10dmoop.jpg

 photo 20160331-_DSC4046_zpseqgivfdu.jpg
 photo jameswellsbw17-1-2_zpsfda1qscm.jpg

 photo 20160331-_DSC4192_zpsnrqsxw9k.jpg

Friday afternoon poach with bluebird skies.

 photo 20160324-P1000026_zpsvgtyxjsd.jpg

then Saturday Shreadfest!!

 photo 20160402-P1000142_zpsqlowgdph.jpg
 photo 20160402-P1000107_zpsxhpurjcf.jpg

 photo 20160402-P1000096_zpsrlijnnb9.jpg


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How do you like the new Doo?

How do you like the new Doo?

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75 miles of goodness on 2.5gals.

Thanks Ted, Sean, Brett, and Joe for another awesome afternoon...that's way west of our backyard but well worth every minute driving!

Went on reserve at mile 66..came in sputtering at mile 75.....but grinning ear-to-ear!

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dude sick!!

2017 ski doo and the beta in moab the next.. sweet!! killer pics!!!