Mesa Update - 04.01.2016

Got out with Mike, Donna, Ray Orr, Sylwester and Patrick over the last couple of days.. we put on a lot of miles boondocking all over some new areas in the mesa. Good times.!

JP "bad dismount" in the trees.. but hey -- I self rescued so we are good

TOBE crew... well we are missing Jan (he had to work. shitty)

Donna killed it riding all day while JP just wanted to make weird faces at the camera. 

We found a little spot to play around



  Until the next storm!!  


RayOrr_blackswan's picture

great report

kind cool seeing those areas up north, Mike covers some serious ground in a hurry.

terrific afternoon away from the office, imo!

self-rescue=actual term....not funny, (must hurry) friends are leaving behind....bwhawhawhaha

jp's picture

no joke

yea i know that feeling..hahaha quick self rescue is key
killer moab pics!!