Back to the Roots

 Haven't been up to where it all started in NOCO all year.  Took my buddy Spencer out for his first ride in two years.  He did well.  Beautiful day out with 12-18" of fresh pow.  Snapped a pic of Paradise Bowl where the avalanche happened last weekend taking the life of a skier.  To think how we used to climb and sidehill  that face.  Were just rolling the dice back then.  Much wiser now and will never hit that face again.  Trees are more fun anyway.  Landed on a rock off a jump with the Polaris and damaged the chassis right at the jackshaft and speedo sensor.  Should have it fixed up in no time though.  Did some back to back climbs with both my sleds and my M8 absolutely destroys the pro rmk up the hill.  Didn't even get 1/2 way to the second lake with the pro, and the M8 walked right up.  Granted the M8 has a longer 162 track with the powerclaw 2.6 and Kmod, but the proof of how much more powerful the Cat is was laid out on the hill.  Very impressed that the M's are still a force in the backcountry. Both sleds pulled 8000-8100rpms all day.