Colorado: Gravity Games - Copper Mountain

Gravity Games: Womens Superpipe

Gravity Games went off this weekend up at Copper Mountain. Superpipe and Slopestyle. J5 killed it on Saturday. Where were you?

J5 Breakers [Vid Clip/Snd]

Gravity Games: J5

Big shout to the crew, it was good to see everyone this weekend. Sorry I missed out on the night sesh at Keystone. Some of the weekend highlights included me eating shit into a tree trying to follow J2's tree bonk line. Kicking it with jordy, sarah, adryan, d, stacy, robin, fej, jenn, mark, nick, ryan, and the a.d.d. crew. Jumping off the top of the ghetto rainbow over the bomb hole, trying to figure out who was on the "cool chair".

Gravity Games: Breaker Gravity Games: Breaker Gravity Games: J5 Gravity Games: J5
Gravity Games: Slopestyle Jibs Gravity Games: Slopestyle Jibs Gravity Games: Womens Superpipe