Colorado Snow Conditions: WP/MJ/Caribou

Saturday I rolled up to MJ to get some laps in before the mass crowds of drones showed up. Went straight back to the Timberline lift and dropped into Larkspur. Down in the bottom of the bowl in the trees there is always hidden stashes of powder and I found a good amount. Did 5 or 6 laps here and decided to head over to the other side of Parsenn Bowl and do the long glade runs back down to Sunnyside lift. The snow over here wasn't as good, but I still managed to find some pretend-a-fresh. MJ got 8" new snow earlier in the week and you'll have to search to find it. Around noon I decided to bounce and head over to Berthoud Pass, I was surprised to see the lodge jump still built up. With some new snow on the ground it was nice and soft so I sessioned for an hour or so. Trying to beat traffic I left the BP summit around 1pm and made my way toward Nederland. I took the new Central City highway and it drops you straight onto 119, from there you can head into Nederland. Guru's of Nederland was throwing a nice rail jam straight in the center of town but it didn't start til around 7pm. I heard rumors of some jumps and rails setup on Caribou so went to check it out. After a short hike back from the lot you have a choice of a step-up, smaller wind lip, couple of rails, a big ass kicker and a little jib box. It was getting dark, so I made my way back down to Nederland to watch some of the rail jam. They had a trap box and long step-up box setup.

Loveland Pass

Sunday I woke up at 4:45am to snow! I got my gear ready as fast as possible and set the truck towards Loveland Pass. Got to the East Portal switch back just before 7am, the same dude I met last week was chilling waiting for a pickup. We rode up together and started doing laps in some nice fresh powder. At least 6" the night before and it was still snowing pretty hard. We just did lap after lap of untracked powder lines down the Loveland Ridge valley. Around 9am the snow started to lift and the sun was poking out, it started to get more crowded so we made our way to the Triangles. At this point I was riding with this guy I had just met named Mike, he was showing me some of the hidden stashed back here. It was pretty sick, we tracked fresh turns pretty much all day, didn't wait more then 20 minutes for a ride up. Once the sun started to poke out we could see a few natural slides that had released over the night, also people were starting to make their way over to the Widowmaker--which was in pretty good condition to slide. Very wind loaded conditions, we saw a few rider trigger slides, and with the new snow today the conditions will get worse. We decided to play it safe and stay just above and below tree line. The CAIC danger rating for the day was Moderate with pockets of Considerable on N-NE-E-SE.

Illuminati Hybricon 157.5
Saturday I rode the Illuminati Hybricon for the first time, this board is sick. Get one, it will make you a better rider. The thing holds an edge like no other, shreds the gnar super hard. The board is stiff and very stable, great on jumps. Lots of pop, turns and shreds in any condition. The base is super fast and if you wax it up with some all temp Bluebird your golden. Its a directional board but rides just as good backwards. Actually I almost like riding it better switch. This is now one of my new favorite boards, can't wait to get it out again in some deep steeps. Go get one while you still can, these are hot.

52 days of shred down so far...