Colorado Backcountry: Berthoud Pass


We arrived up at the summit of Berthoud Pass in the afternoon, temperatures are still below zero. My truck is telling me -10 degrees to be exact, I look at AKD to make sure he's still down for the hike ahead. No one else around, we decide it's worth it and head up the East Face towards the communication towers. Searching for a good spot to build a boot we settled on re-building an older kicker from a few weeks ago. We hit the jump for a few hours, messing around--just having fun! What a great time, as many of you know this is such a great way to refresh. Get yourself out in the mountains, move some snow, and just have fun!

Tempted by the 4-5" new snow on BP we decied to do a few laps in the trees. The snow back here was great, deep wind blown powder, on a good base. Hitting the trees along the old Powder Line we ended the day with huge smiles on our faces!

jp-str8air jp-capita bp-boot GPS_Log-berthoud_pass122404